When was Emma Stone in Malcolm in the Middle?

When was Emma Stone in Malcolm in the Middle?

“Malcolm in the Middle” Lois Strikes Back (TV Episode 2006) – Emma Stone as Diane – IMDb.

Who played Susan on Malcolm in the Middle?

Laurie Metcalf
“Malcolm in the Middle” Lois’ Sister (TV Episode 2004) – Laurie Metcalf as Susan – IMDb.

Did Hal date Lois sister?

In Season 5’s Lois’ Sister, it was revealed that Hal Wilkerson used to date Susan and that both families wanted him to marry her. However, he chose to marry Lois against their wishes and it lead to conflict between Lois and Susan for years.

Was Betty White in Malcolm in the Middle?

“Malcolm in the Middle” Victor’s Other Family (TV Episode 2004) – Betty White as Sylvia – IMDb.

Was Susan Sarandon in Malcolm in the Middle?

Malcolm in the Middle (TV Series 2000–2006) – Susan Sarandon as Meg – IMDb.

What country is Malcolm’s Grandma from?

It it is highly implied that she and her husband are from Croatia(Southern Europe), due to the Croatian flag and a picture of the Zagreb cathedral in the background of the episode “Ida’s Dance” the same episode where she and a group of women who are exactly like her, celebrate St Grotus’s day, which is fictional, and …

Is Lois abusive Malcolm in the Middle?

Lois has apparently decided to continue her emotional abuse of Malcolm well into adulthood, and if she succeeds, will place an emotionally unstable man with mother issues as President. Not to mention that all the “hardships” she expects him to solve were caused by the family’s own dysfunction and selfish behavior.

Is Christopher Lloyd in Malcolm in the Middle?

Walter Wilkerson, played by Christopher Lloyd, is Hal’s father and head of the Wilkerson Family. His daughters are named Claire and Amelia and has grandchildren from all of them.

Who is Lois father Malcolm middle?

Radu Gogorsky
Radu Gogorsky is the biological father of Lois Wilkerson and ex-boyfriend of Ida Welker. He has never been seen in the show, but was mentioned in the episode Victor’s Other Family. He is also the maternal grandfather of Francis, Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Jaime and an unborn child.

Was Tom Green in Malcolm in the Middle?

In Season 3 Episodes 11 & 12 Company Picnic we see a large number of guest appearances: Terry Bradshaw. Tom Green.