What is the function of the Hydranth in Obelia?

What is the function of the Hydranth in Obelia?

The hydranths are feeding polyps, they feed by capturing minute animals and larvae. Towards the base of the hydrocaulus in the axils of the polyps, are reproductive polyps called blastostyles.

What is the function of Obelia?

The umbrella shaped creatures have tentacles covered in nematocysts and suctorial pads that assist in capturing prey. Reproduction of Obelia medusae occurs sexually, eggs and sperm uniting to become small larvae surrounded by cilia.

What is the diagram of Obelia?

Structure. Through its life cycle, Obelia take two forms: polyp and medusa. They are diploblastic, with two true tissue layers—an epidermis (ectodermis) and a gastrodermis (endodermis)—with a jelly-like mesoglea filling the area between the two true tissue layers.

What is the role of the medusae in the Obelia lifecycle?

The primary function of the medusa is sexual reproduction. Obelia is dioecious as each medusa has reproductive organs of only one sex. There is no difference between the male and female medusae.

What is a Hydranth?

Definition of hydranth : one of the feeding zooids of a hydroid colony.

What are the functions of the two kinds of polyps in the Obelia colony?

The colonial sessile form of Obelia geniculata has two types of polyps: gastrozooids, which are adapted for capturing prey, and gonozooids, which asexually bud to produce medusae.

What is metagenesis explain with life cycle of Obelia?

METAGENESIS The life cycle of Obelia represents a remarkable example of alternation of generation where the asexual and sessile phase of Obelia reproduces asexually by budding and gives rise to sexual and free-swimming medusa. This phenomenon of alternation between two diploid phases is termed as metagenesis.

Which sequence is correct in the life cycle of Obelia?

Structure of Obelia Obelia throughout its life cycle takes two forms: polyp and medusa. The first form is diploblastic, two true tissue layers – an epidermis (ectodermis). In contrast, the second form is gastrodermis (endodermis), with a mesoglia which is jelly-like filling the area between the two tissue layers.

What is Hydranth polyp?

hydranth. / (ˈhaɪdrænθ) / noun. a polyp in a colony of hydrozoan coelenterates that is specialized for feeding rather than reproduction.

What is meant by Hypostome?

Definition of hypostome : any of several structures associated with the mouth: such as. a : the manubrium of a hydrozoan. b : a rodlike organ that arises at the base of the beak in various mites and ticks.

Why is Physalia known as Portuguese man-of-war?

The Portuguese man o’ war is aptly named after a warship: it uses part of an enlarged float filled with carbon monoxide and air as a sail to travel by wind for thousands of miles, dragging behind long tentacles that deliver a deadly venomous sting to fish.