What is Sofia testing?

What is Sofia testing?

What is the Sofia SARS Antigen FIA test? The Sofia SARS Antigen FIA is a type of test called an antigen test. Antigen tests are designed to detect proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19, in nasal swabs.

How accurate is the Sofia combo Covid test?

Compared with real-time reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing, the Sofia antigen test had a sensitivity of 80.0% and specificity of 98.9% among symptomatic persons; accuracy was lower (sensitivity 41.2% and specificity 98.4%) when used for screening of asymptomatic persons.

How do you swab for Sofia Covid test?

Place the patient swab sample into the Reagent Tube. Roll the swab at least 3 times while pressing the head against the bottom and side of the Reagent Tube. Roll the Swab head against the inside of the Reagent Tube as you remove it. Dispose of the used Swab in your biohazard waste.

What is Sophia DDM?

Powered by AI capabilities, digital health data are standardized, computed and analyzed to generate insights from complex multimodal datasets. Our AI maximizes the value of multimodal datasets by picking the signal from the noise and standardizing the data. …

Is SARS antigen test for Covid?

Antigen tests are commonly used in the diagnosis of respiratory pathogens, including influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial virus. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for antigen tests that can identify SARS-CoV-2.

What is Sofia 2 SARS antigen?

The Sofia SARS Antigen FIA, with the Sofia 2 and Sofia analyzers, provides automated and objective results in 15 minutes, allowing for COVID-19 testing of symptomatic patients within the first five days of symptoms and asymptomatic patients when tested serially.

What does the Sofia 2 test for?

PRINCIPLE OF THE TEST The Sofia 2 Flu + SARS Antigen FIA employs immunofluorescence technology in a sandwich design that is used with Sofia 2 to detect nucleocapsid protein from influenza A, influenza B, and SARS-CoV-2. This test allows for the detection of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2.

How accurate is an antigen test for Covid?

Siddiqui says the study showed that the rapid antigen test was high in sensitivity (ability to identify people for whom the PCR test would detect a SARS-CoV-2 infection) at 92.7% for all participants and specificity (ability to identify people for whom the PCR test would not detect a SARS-CoV-2 infection) at 98% for …

Did SOPHiA DDM technology improved patient outcomes?

SOPHiA GENETICS, global leader in Data-Driven Medicine, announced today that its technology for clinical genomics, SOPHiA artificial intelligence, has reached a key milestone in helping better diagnose 200,000 patients. SOPHiA is the first AI to analyze over 200,000 patients’ genomic profiles around the world.

Who owns SOPHiA genetics?

Jurgi Camblong
The company went public on the Nasdaq in 2021, floating at $1.1B….Sophia Genetics.

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Type Public (since 2021)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jurgi Camblong (CEO & founder) Bram Goorden (COO) Ross Muken (CFO) Lara Hashimoto (CBO) Philippe Menu (CMO) Zhenyu Xu (CSO) Manuela Valente (CPO)
Products Sophia DDM™ platform

What is difference between PCR and antigen test?

PCR tests are accurate but can take a long time to produce results. Antigen tests, the other major type of coronavirus test, while much faster, are less accurate. Antigens are substances that cause the body to produce an immune response – they trigger the generation of antibodies.

What is a dry lab?

A dry lab is a type of laboratory that involves applied or computational mathematical analyses for a wide array of different applications. These analyses are completed on a computer-generated model, which means that computers and similar types of electronics are the main forms of equipment that are used in a dry lab.

How does Sofia 2 work?

Sofia 2 collects hundreds of data points on the test strip contained inside of a Sofia FIA Test Cassette. Sofia 2 uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the data, interpret the signals and determine the results automatically to give you an objective result you can rely on.

How are results reported and stored in Sofia 2?

Results are reported automatically on the screen and can be stored in Sofia 2, optionally printed on an external printer, or sent to Virena. Sofia 2 has two modes that can be used depending on your workflow requirements. Sofia 2 WALK AWAY mode may be most convenient for reading a single patient sample.

How long does it take to read a sample in Sofia?

Sofia 2 WALK AWAY mode may be most convenient for reading a single patient sample. In this mode, Advance Result Technology (ART) can provide results in as few as 3 minutes. The patient sample is dispensed into the Test Cassette and the Test Cassette is immediately placed in Sofia 2.