What is Jack module?

What is Jack module?

The Mini-Com® Cat 6 UTP RJ45 TG Jack Module is designed to terminate 4-pair, 22-26 AWG twisted pair cable. Each module is 100% factory tested to exceed industry standard performance requirements. TG style termination eliminates the need for a termination tool. Each jack is individually serialized fo.

What is TG style termination?

Product Description. TG termination tool easily terminates all TG style jack modules by cutting conductors flush and assembling wire cap and jack. Ideal for high volume installations. CJT-X termination tool assists in terminating all Mini-Com Mini-Jack Jack Modules by ensuring conductors are fully terminated.

What is the difference between Cat5e and Cat6 keystone jack?

Cat5e has thinner conductors, almost always 24 AWG (as the AWG number goes higher, the copper is thinner). Cat6 is thicker overall, requiring RJ45 plugs that can accept the bigger outside-diameter of the cable (OD) and thicker, insulated, copper-conductor diameter.

What is RJ45 keystone jack?

A keystone jack has a type of ethernet port in the front of it. The kind that are used to connect to ethernet cables such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A and above. These types of category cables come in bulk cable form or patch cables. On the back end of the keystone jack is a punch down area for the wires in your cables.

What is a spade terminal?

Spade terminals are designed to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire to a screw or stud-type electrical connection. The shape of the spade connector resembles a fork, making it easy to connect or disconnect the spade terminal to the electrical connection.