What is HTH 100 at JMU?

What is HTH 100 at JMU?

Emphasizes lifestyle behaviors contributing to health promotion and disease prevention. Suggestions are made as to how health-related behaviors, self-care and individual decisions contribute to health and influence dimensions of wellness. …

Where can I get a JMU wellness passport?

Department of Health Sciences

  • Health and Behavioral Studies Building.
  • MSC 4301.
  • 235 Martin Luther King Jr Way.
  • Harrisonburg, VA 22807.

What is a wellness passport?

PASSPORT tO WELLNESS is a four week challenge to raise. awareness about making healthy choices. The overall goal for individuals is 2,000 points and for the organization, school, class or family is 95,210 points (goal may be reached before or after 4 weeks, based on the number of participants).

What do you learn in personal health and wellness?

Personal Health and Wellness helps students develop knowledge, attitudes, and essential skills in a variety of health-related subjects, including mental and emotional health, social health, nutrition, physical fitness, substance use and abuse, disease prevention and treatment, and injury prevention and safety.

What is personal wellness course?

A personal wellness class is designed to teach students about the various aspects of health and fitness. Throughout the course, students learn about all the components that go into being healthy including the different types of exercise as well as their benefits, nutrition, mental health, and so much more.

What is personal health college?

Course Description Designed to assist individuals to establish health behaviors for optimal physical, emotional, and sexual health and maintain a healthy environment.

What does physical wellness look like?

Physical Wellness is listening to and taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning. Taking care of your physical body will help you get through the stress that comes with college.

Why is it beneficial to study personal health?

Supports personal growth manage their own well-being; make health-enhancing choices, and plan, and action goals. contribute meaningfully and responsibly to the well-being of communities; look critically at well-being issues affecting communities, and plan and take collective action.

What is the difference between health and wellness quizlet?

Health- refers to that overall condition of the persons body and time, presences or absents of injury or illness. Wellness-ability to achieve optimal health, to live to the fullest.

Can you be sick and still have wellness?

Can you be sick and still have wellness? YES. Because a person with an illness or disease could still have “wellness” which means they are fulfilled, happy, involved, and informed.