What is dvddvd shrink?

What is dvddvd shrink?

DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc.

How can I shrink a movie to fit on a disc?

Great program, If you have a movie that simply won’t shrink down far enough to fit on a 4.7GB disk, there is a way around. Shrink and make the .iso file ignoring the programs warning that it won’t fit on the DVD. Mount the .iso image that DVD shrink just made on a virtual drive,such as Nero or Daemon tools virtual drive.

Is goranarog DVD Shrink any good?

goranarog Send private message to this user Newbie DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15 Very good software, been using it for more than 1 years. Keep up the good work. 26 Nov 2004 All reviews by user goranarog elvehiss Inactive DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15 what is needed to open this after downloading? 22 Nov 2004 All reviews by user elvehiss mahmut1

What is the best DVD Shrink for Nero burn?

DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15 Fantastic and powerful software. Easy to use and works well with Nero Burn. I have been using DVD Shrink for the past 3 yrs and I am always looking forward to download lastest version. 18 Jun 2005 All reviews by user onestop J-Kwon Send private message to this user Senior Member DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15

How to backup a DVD with DVDShrink software?

Backup DVDs with DVDShrink Software. Use this software together with other DVD software of your choice to make a backup or to burn a movie. The DVD Shrink result is saved as a file format in your hard disk. DVD Shrink software enables you to backup DVD disks very easily.

How does amok DVD Shrinker work?

AmoK DVD Shrinker shrinks DVDs up to one fifth of the original size without any noticeable quality reduction. Due to the smaller file size the copy can be burned on a “normal” 2.5 or 4.7 DVD-R. The DVD’s menus, subtitles, audio tracks etc all stay preserved. Though, if you want only the original film can be be copied/ripped.

What happened to DVD Shrink gold?

DVD Shrink has been, is and always will be freeware! Development was discontinued in May 2005 resulting in the final versions listed in our FAQ. ALL other versions with additional words in the name like DVD Shrink Gold 2011 or DVD Shrink 2014 or newer are SCAMS!