What information is contained in an OpenFlow flow table?

What information is contained in an OpenFlow flow table?

The con- troller manages the switch over the secure channel using the OpenFlow protocol. The flow table contains a set of flow entries (header values to match pack- ets against), activity counters, and a set of zero or more actions to apply to matching packets.

What are the types of OpenFlow messages?

The OpenFlow protocol defines three message types, each with multiple subtypes:

  • Controller-to-switch.
  • Symmetric.
  • Asynchronous.

What are the two key steps of an OpenFlow flow table entry?

This pipeline processing will happen in two stages, ingress processing and egress processing. If a matching entry is found, the instructions associated with the specific flow entry are executed. If no match is found in a flow table, the outcome depends on the configuration of the Table-miss flow entry.

How many components are present in flow table entry?

three parts
Each entry of a flow table has three parts: (1) A matching rule, (2) Actions (to be executed on matching packets), and (3) Counters (keep statistics of matching packets). Fig.

What is the meaning of SDN?

Software-Defined Networking
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a network architecture approach that enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled, or ‘programmed,’ using software applications. This helps operators manage the entire network consistently and holistically, regardless of the underlying network technology.

What is a SDN controller?

An SDN controller is the application that acts as a strategic control point in a software-defined network. Two of the most well-known protocols used by SDN controllers to communicate with the switches/routers are OpenFlow and open virtual switch database (OVSDB).

What are the 3 layers that make up SDN?

The three layers in an SDN architecture are:

  • Application: the applications and services running on the network.
  • Control: the SDN controller or “brains” of the network.
  • Infrastructure: switches and routers, and the supporting physical hardware.

What are table type patterns (TTPs)?

The Open Networking Foundation earlier this year released a new abstraction framework — Table Type Patterns (TTPs) — to facilitate interoperability. Using TTPs increases the flexibility of OpenFlow software because it can dynamically learn the pipeline characteristics of each OpenFlow-based switch.

What is OpenFlow of-TTP?

OpenFlow Table Type Patterns v1.0 (OF-TTP) is the first NDM implementation that has been defined by the Open Networking Foundation’s Forwarding Abstractions Working Group (FAWG). Only one TTP, identified by a unique identifier, may be used at any time between an OpenFlow controller and an OpenFlow switch.

How many match-action tables does openopenflow have?

OpenFlow (OF) 1.0 had one match-action table. The single table was easy to use, but it had a problem. Generating flow entries for multiple actions caused a combinatorial explosion.

What is the sequence of tables in a packet processing pipeline?

The sequence of tables defines the packet-processing pipeline. This pipeline can be built into ASICs to make it run fast. Each vendor’s switch may have a different set of tables in its pipeline and the tables in one switch may have more entries than in a less expensive switch.