What happens when you master all lives fantasy life?

What happens when you master all lives fantasy life?

When Master is reached, you and all people with the same life will celebrate you achievement with a song at The Crown . The song is in Japanese( with subtitles). When Hero is reached, your life master will say King Erik has summoned you. Talk to the King and he will give you that life’s Hero Gear set.

How do you get God rank in fantasy life?

After completing the main story and have purchased the DLC content Origin Island, Divinus will grant you the option to surpass the Legend-rank in your current Life to fulfill a God-rank.

Is fantasy life a good game?

Fantasy Life is just too big for its own good. It offers a wide variety of activities to take on, but they’re all heartbreakingly shallow — after tackling your first bounty or crafting your first end table, you know exactly what to expect from all future bounties and end tables.

How many ranks are there in fantasy life?

By ranking up you’ll learn new techniques or crafts for crafting items (page 22), depending on your Life. You may also receive rewards from your Master or other support characters. The Life ranks are as follows: Novice, Fledgling, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master, Hero, and Legend.

Can you play fantasy life on switch?

But the company has made big moves to release many of their game in the west like the Snack World – especially on Nintendo Switch. You may still download the game on iOS and Android however the language may be Japanese only.

Is there going to be a fantasy life 2?

On 10 March 2016, Fantasy Life 2 was delayed again. According to LEVEL-5, the change was decided because they want new players see this game as their first Fantasy Life title, rather than a sequel. On 16 December 2016, it was announced that the game was scheduled to release in April 2017.

Does fantasy life have multiplayer?

Fantasy Life allows up to 3 persons to play together at a time in an individual’s world.

How do you get a mount in fantasy life online?

The easiest way to get a mount is to unlock the Bliss Bonuses Horse Riding, Turtle Riding, and Camel Riding. These three bonuses allow the player to rent mounts in Castele, Port Puerto, and Al Maajik, respectively.

Is Fantasy Life Online dead?

Fantasy Life Onlines the follow-up to the famous Nintendo 3DS gameFantasy Life.