What does it mean to commend you?

What does it mean to commend you?

1 : to praise (someone or something) in a serious and often public way He commended her honesty. His poetry is highly commended by other writers. 2 : to mention (someone or something) as deserving attention or approval : recommend I commend this book to anyone interested in learning more about American history.

How do you use commend in a sentence?

Commend sentence example

  1. I cannot sufficiently commend that view.
  2. But these hypotheses do not commend themselves, and we accept the tradition that Jesus taught that his death was an atonement for others.
  3. Wherever the cake is the main product, expression will commend itself as the most advantageous process.

How do you commend someone?

The most common meaning of commend is “to compliment.” You commend someone when you tell them “Well done!” You can even say “I commend you on your hard work.” Back in the days of Charles Dickens, commend often meant to put (someone or something) in the hands of someone else for safekeeping.

What is the word eulogize mean?

Definition of eulogize transitive verb. : to speak or write in high praise of : extol.

Is Commendment a word?

No, commendment is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is it commended on or commended for?

to formally praise someone or something: The judge commended her for/on her bravery. For a low-budget film, it has much to commend it (= it deserves praise). It says on the back cover of the book “highly commended”.

What is the noun form of commend?

noun. the act of commending; recommendation; praise: commendation for a job well done. something that commends, as a formal recommendation or an official citation or award: a commendation for bravery.

How do you commend an employee?

Recognizing success: 9 ways to praise your employees

  1. Match The Praise To The Effort. Employees who go above and beyond may warrant some extra recognition.
  2. Write A Sincere Thank-You Note.
  3. Remember Their Anniversary Date.
  4. Go Public.
  5. Give Mini-Gifts.
  6. Go ‘Behind The Scenes’
  7. Be Surprising.
  8. Award Special Assignments.

Is commended a good thing?

If someone commends a person or thing to you, they tell you that you will find them good or useful. I can commend it to him as a realistic course of action.

What is the difference between commit and commend?

As verbs the difference between commit and commend is that commit is to give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to entrust; to consign; — used with to, unto while commend is to congratulate or reward.