What does Armed dwell mean on a Cuddeback camera?

What does Armed dwell mean on a Cuddeback camera?

It is getting stuck in the “armed dwell” stage and the only way to fix it is to take the batteries out and restart everything. When it gets stuck in that it will not take a picture.

How do you arm a Cuddeback camera?

Press MODE until ARMING is displayed. This arms the camera so it will begin taking images when activity is detected. When ARM is enabled a 30 second count-down timer is displayed. When the count reaches 0 the camera will arm.

How often does CuddeLink send pictures to home camera?

I’ve got mine sending every 2 hours. So at 4 every morning it sends the Cuddelink report showing the status of all cameras in the chain with battery status, sd card space, ect. then another email with any pictures that have been received between 2AM and 4AM.

What does cell rate mean on cuddeback?

Cuddeback Digital ✔️: The Cell Rate determines how often photos are emailed to you. You can choose between a Batch setting number of pics sent (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) or a Time setting (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours).

How do I get my pictures from cuddeback internal memory?

If you didnt have a card in the camera pryor to it taking pictures and are trying to get them off the internal memory turn the camera to the off position and wait for the little green light to go off.

Why does cuddeback say full?

I took the memory card out and armed the camera. The camera took several pictures, and i was able to upload them onto the memory card! Once the camera read the card after uploading the pictures onto my computer, the camera read “Full”. Meaning, the card is finished and i will have to buy another one Fantastic…

How do I get my pictures from Cuddeback internal memory?

What does CL count mean on Cuddeback?

You will want to control how much image traffic you put on your CuddeLink network. The CL COUNT setting controls the number of images a remote camera send home. Note – all images the camera records are saved on the remote camera’s SD card.

Does CuddeLink send all pictures?

Images from all cameras on a CuddeLink network are sent to the user’s email address. Only 1 cell service is required for up to 16 cameras.

How far can CuddeLink cameras be apart?

CuddeLink networks can have from 1 to 15 remote cameras. Start with a few and add more cameras as you need them. Typical transmission range in a dense forest is ¼ to ½ mile. In open spaces CuddeLink has camera-to-camera range to over 1 mile.

Does Cuddeback use AT?

Affordable Cellular Camera Network Three CuddeLink J-Series cameras send their images to CuddeLink Cell. Cell uses AT LTE service to email or text the images to your smartphone, tablet or computer.