What district is Novaliches in Quezon City?

What district is Novaliches in Quezon City?

District 6
Barangay Alternate Name
Sangandaan Project 8
Sauyo Novaliches District
Talipapa Novaliches District

How big is Novaliches?

The district is quite large and has the area close to 12 thousand acres….Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country Phillipines
Longitude 121.051941
DMS Lat 14° 43′ 17.4432” N
DMS Long 121° 3′ 6.9876” E

What district is Novaliches city?

District 5
Quezon City’s District 5 is composed of 14 villages: Novaliches Proper or Poblacion, Bagbag, Capri, Greater Fairview, Greater Lagro, Gulod, Kaligayahan, North Fairview, Pasong Putik Proper, San Agustin, San Bartolome, Sta. Lucia, Sta. Monica, and Nagkaisang Nayon.

Is Novaliches a province?

On September 22, 1855, Novaliches was created as a municipality of Bulacan. Three years later, it was transferred to the Province of Manila until 1901, when the town was transferred again to the newly created Rizal Province during the American regime.

What district is bagbag Novaliches Quezon City?

District 5
Barangay Alternate Name
Bagbag Novaliches District
Capri Novaliches District
Fairview La Mesa, Novaliches District

What is the zip code of Novaliches Quezon City?

Quezon City Postal Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Novaliches Town Proper 1123 2
Obrero 1103 2
Old Capitol Site 1101 2
Parang Bundok 1114 2

Why Novaliches is not a city?

-Novaliches is the only barangay (formerly called barrio) in the country today which has its own diocese–the Diocese of Novaliches. The seat of the diocese, usually a province, a city, or a town, does not appear in the country’s map, like the Dioceses of Imus in Cavite, Malolos in Bulacan, or Tagbilaran in Bohol.

How many brgys are in Novaliches?

What is the population of Novaliches Proper in Quezon City?

This represented 0.52% of the total population of Quezon City. The household population of Novaliches Proper in the 2015 Census was 15,362 broken down into 3,189 households or an average of 4.82 members per household. According to the 2015 Census, the age group with the highest population in Novaliches Proper is 20 to 24, with 1,710 individuals.

What is the population density of Quezon City?

The city’s population density is at 18,222 person per km 2, lower than Metro Manila’s population density at 20,247 person per km 2. As of 2020, the city’s most populous barangay is Commonwealth with 198,285 people, while the least populous was Quirino 3-A with 1,140 people. As of 2015, the average size of a household in Quezon City is 4.3 members.

What are the age dependency ratios of Novaliches Proper?

The computed Age Dependency Ratios mean that among the population of Novaliches Proper, there are 41 youth dependents to every 100 of the working age population; there are 5 aged/senior citizens to every 100 of the working population; and overall, there are 46 dependents (young and old-age) to every 100 of the working population.

Where is Novaliches located?

Novaliches is a place that forms the northern areas of Quezon City, and encompasses the whole area of North Caloocan . The name Novaliches came from the name of the small village of Novaliches in the town of Jérica, Spain.