Is the Apogee Duet worth it?

Is the Apogee Duet worth it?

I only have a cheap $100 mic (AT2020), but the Duet makes my vocals sound so clean and professional. I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s still going strong. Super easy to connect and get started. It’s well worth the money, I promise.

How good is Apogee?

Apogee Duet 2 offers very high quality sound for little bit below 500 euros. It comes with a breakout cable, ac adapter and usb cable for connecting the device. Sound quality is very good in Duet 2. Lows are tight, mids solid and altho the highs can be little bit overhyped, depending on taste.

Does Apogee one work with iPhone?

ONE is the first studio-quality audio interface and microphone for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now you can have amazing quality in an all-in-ONE device that turns your iPhone, iPad, or Mac into a take-anywhere recording studio.

What is the Apogee Duet used for?

Apogee Duet is an award-winning audio interface, headphone amp and MIDI interface making it easy to create professional recordings anywhere on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

How does duet 3 compare to other Apogee units?

As a point of reference, THD of -103dB on the Duet 3 is 0.0007% and -106dB of the Duet 2 0.0005%. …

How do I connect my Apogee Duet to my Mac?

Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences. Open the Sound preference window by clicking on the speaker icon. Click on the Output tab and select Duet in the Device window. Click on the Input tab and select Duet in the Device window.

Are Apogee mics good?

The Apogee MiC is an excellent mic with good quality and clarity. It makes for a good travel mic and the stand is really sturdy. What I noticed right away was how very little mouth noise was picked up in the recordings. Don’t be fooled by how small it is, it really is a good studio quality mic.

How do you use Apogee Duet With iPhone?

Connect Duet to your iPad/iPhone using the provided 30-pin iOS cable. 3. On the iPad/iPhone, open Settings and choose General > About > Duet, then choose “Find App for Accessory”. The App Store will open and navigate automatically to the Apogee Maestro app.

How do I record an instrument on my iPhone?

Record a sound

  1. Tap the Record button in the control bar.
  2. Play, sing, or make sound into the microphone.
  3. When you are finish, tap the Play button in the control bar to stop recording. Tap the Play button again to hear your recording.

Is Apogee Duet discontinued?

Apogee Digital Duet 2 USB Audio Interface From Apogee. This item is currently discontinued.

Is Apogee Duet class compliant?

A class-compliant MIDI device works with Core MIDI without the need to install drivers or other additional software.