Is split ticketing a legit website?

Is split ticketing a legit website?

Is split ticketing legit? Yes. Split ticketing is legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Travel under which all train companies on the national rail network operate.

What is a split save ticket?

Split ticketing means rather than buying one rail ticket for your journey, you book two or more tickets. You still travel on the same train, sitting in the same seats, without any changes to the normal journey. By splitting your journey into multiple tickets automatically, SplitMyFare can make you big savings.

Can you refund split tickets?

You have within 28 days of the travel date for a single and of the return date for returns to cancel your booking. All refunds for cancelled bookings will be made back to the credit / debit card that was used to complete payment for them.

What does splitting tickets mean?

Definition of split ticket : a ballot cast by a voter who votes for candidates of more than one party.

What is the risk of split ticketing?

Risks of split tickets A problem could occur if you have to make any changes on your journey. With a standard ticket taking you from station A to station C via a change of trains at station B, you’d be able to get on a later service if the first leg is delayed.

Who is TrainPal?

TrainPal is a money-saving, rail & bus ticketing platform helping travellers travel across Europe by train and bus. TrainPal enables you to compare and book tickets at the best possible prices. Whether you are planning to travel within the U.K., a summer trip to Spain or Germany, or even planning your holiday to Italy.

Can I get off train mid journey?

Yes, you can break your journey while travelling with an Anytime Single or Return ticket. This means you can get off the train at any connecting stop and leave the station, before boarding a later train to complete your journey.

Can I change a split save ticket?

Changing trains…? SplitSave doesn’t add any additional changes to your route. So, if your journey had no changes originally, there’d still be no changes – hurrah!

Can I claim delay repay on split ticket?

When a delay results in a customer with multiple valid tickets arriving at their destination late, multiple tickets may be submitted with a claim for a delayed journey. We’ve heard of train companies denying this when you’re claiming compensation. We suggest that you don’t accept that and that you press the matter.

What is split save Trainline?

What is SplitSave? SplitSave is our latest feature available on our mobile app that makes split ticketing easy! Split ticketing is a way of saving money on train travel by ‘splitting’ your trip into multiple tickets. Actually, it’s the same journey, just more tickets than usual.

Can I buy split tickets at the station?

Although you won’t be able to ask for split ticketing at the ticket machine at the station, split ticketing is completely legal provided the train stops at the point where you split your fare and you don’t even need to change train.

Does TrainPal have a booking fee?

TrainPal receives 4k+ review on App Store and Google Play at rating 4.6, which is not bad. Unlike Trainline, it doesn’t charge booking fee. And TrainPal offer a most special function: free split ticketing in paper ticket or eTicket.