Is it good to have more torque than HP?

Is it good to have more torque than HP?

Basically, the faster the crankshaft spins with the same amount of force, the more power an engine will make. A car with more hp than torque will always be quicker since this gives a car acceleration and speed. This is why low-end torque becomes important for better acceleration in many scenarios.

Is the torque on an electric motor increases?

As the speed of the rotor shaft increases the load torque decreases because the output power supplied by the motor is constant. The load torque is increased by increasing the load current and the load current is increased by increasing the mechanical load on the shaft of the motor.

Is 300 torque a lot?

You will want more torque for hauling heavy loads, for heavy vehicles, or slow speed, low gear responsiveness. Overall, 300 horsepower is a lot. In the 80s it was very uncommon for production vehicles to make so much power. In modern times, even very normal cars make up to, and sometimes more than, 300 horsepower!

Does more torque mean more speed?

Well, it has everything to do with the torque and horsepower on your car. These two features essentially determine the speed of your vehicle. The higher the torque and horsepower, the faster you go.

Why do DC motors have more torque?

In electrical terminology, a parallel circuit is referred to as a shunt. Therefore, DC motors in which the armature and field windings are connected in parallel are called DC shunt motors. The net voltage increase causes the armature current to increase, which increases the motor torque.

What is more important power or torque?

Horsepower is how rapidly the vehicle can perform that work. Because there is generally a limit on how fast you can spin an engine, having higher torque allows for greater horsepower at lower rpms. This is also why people talk about “low-end torque” being important for better power at slower speeds.