Is GO 99 available in TM?

Is GO 99 available in TM?

TM EasySurf99 Now With Only 3.3GB Data (Previously 19GB) Valid for 15 Days for Only Php99. Anjie lou delos Reyes February 09, 2020 News, Prepaid, Promos, Touch Mobile, However, just like the GoEXTRA90, it is also available only from the GCash mobile app.


GOTSCOMBODD90 or GOSAKTO90 comes with 1GB/day of mobile data for Facebook, Instagram, and GoWatch and GoPlay apps. GOTSCOMBODD90, also known as GOSAKTO90, is a Globe and TM promo that offers 2GB of mobile data and unlimited SMS to all networks, valid for 7 days.

How do I register GoSAKTO 70 in TM?

To register, dial *143# and choose All Time Faves > GoSAKTO.

How do I use GOSAKTO70?

Subscribing to the promo is easy. Just text GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 to 8080. You can also dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO > Discover Promos > Recommended Promos > GOTSCOMBODD70 > Subscribe. You will receive a text message confirming your successful registration of the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo.

How do I register for GoSAKTO 120?

To register to the Globe GoSAKTO120 promo, text GOSAKTO120 and send to 8080. Make sure that you have at least ₱120 load balance. You will receive a text confirmation when you’ve successfully registered to the promo. Alternatively, you can dial *143# and go to All-Time Favorites > GoSAKTO > Try GoSAKTO120 > Subscribe.

What is go 70 in Globe?

Globe Go+ prepaid promos Go+70 – 5GB open data + 2GB home-only data + Unli texts to all network + 1GB GoWiFi for 3 days.

How do you stop Gosakto 70?

To stop, Text < promo > to 8080. Wait for the confirmation.

How many GB is GOSAKTO70?

GOTSCOMBODD70, or GOSAKTO70, is a popular Globe promo that offers 1GB of Internet data and unlimited SMS to all networks, valid for 7 days.

What is the gotscombodd70 promo?

Globe’s promo GOTSCOMBODD70, now GOSAKTO70, allows subscribers to get connected to internet for a week with 1GB of mobile data, for only 70 pesos. Plus, unlimited texts to all networks from Globe and TM, to Smart, TNT and Sun are included in the promo.

How much Internet data do I get with my gotscombodd70 subscription?

GOTSCOMBODD70 gives you 1GB of mobile Internet data and unlimited texts to all networks with a validity of 7 days. Globe subscribers will now receive a 1GB per day of Internet data for Facebook, Instagram, and GoPlay and GoWatch apps. This means that you can watch YouTube videos and play your favorite Mobile Legends game with your subscription.

How do I add data to my gotscombodd70 or gosakto70?

To add the data to your GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 subscription, you can register to this 1GB data add-on known as GOTSCOMBOKEA37. Reload your Globe Prepaid number with at least ₱37and text GOTSCOMBOKEA37to 8080.

What is Globe gotscombodd70?

GOTSCOMBODD70 is a GoSAKTO offer in 2020 which is only available to Globe Prepaid susbcribers. Globe GOTSCOMBODD70’s new name is now GOSAKTO70. Both have the inclusions. Learn how to register, check status/balance, stop the promo, extend, and how to register to data/MB add-ons. READ: GOSURF50: 1GB, 1GB on app of choice + freebie – 3 days