How much is spooky woods per person?

How much is spooky woods per person?

The New Salem Corn Maze “Witches of New Salem” haunted woods is a frightening experience with over 20 attractions and dozens of actors and props. $25 Admission Per Person.

How much does it cost to go to Woods of Terror?

The place is huge, it takes at least an hour to go through. There are even activities to do before getting in line. Parking is $5 per car and admission is $25 per person and it is worth every penny!

Can spooky woods touch you?

Woods of Terror Actors are not allowed to touch you. There’s something for everyone at Woods of Terror. Just check out this impressive list of attractions! They use real movie sets and is a polished “high tech” haunted attraction indeed.

Which is better spooky woods or woods of terror?

Spookywoods has better set design and has longer and more consistent themed sections, and has actors who I found to be interactive with the guests. Woods of Terror is more intense, has more themed sections (though short), and has actors who are more energetic.

How long does Spooky Woods last?

Killer good time if you get out alive

Scare Factor:
Haunt Value:
Length of Event: 31-45 minutes
Time Visited: After 9PM
Would Recommend: Yes

Which is scarier Woods of Terror or spooky woods?

Can u buy tickets at Woods of Terror?

You can purchase tickets online or onsite. As always you can purchase tickets onsite as well.

Which is better spooky woods or Woods of Terror?

Who owns Kersey Valley?

Tony Wohlgemuth
ARCHDALE, N.C. — The Kersey Valley outdoors attraction facility in Archdale got its start on a childhood dare. In 1985, owner Tony Wohlgemuth, then 15, and some friends were camping in the barn on the 65-acre farm on Kersey Valley Road.