How much are tickets to the Chicago Bears game?

How much are tickets to the Chicago Bears game?

In 2021, the average ticket price was at 122.90 U.S. dollars….Average ticket price for Chicago Bears home games from 2006 to 2021 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Average ticket price in U.S. dollars
2020 122.9
2019 124.51
2018 111.19
2016 131.9

Can you buy Bears tickets at Soldier Field?

Ticketmaster is once again the best destination for fans to safely purchase tickets to Bears games at Soldier Field this season. Fans looking to travel to Bears home and away games can book their experience through the following Bears Corporate Partners: Official Ticketing Partner Ticketmaster.

How much do NFL tickets usually cost?

The average cost for a family of four to attend an NFL game in the 2021 season is $568.18, an increase of $14.05 over last year, according to Team Marketing Report’s NFL Fan Cost Index. The average NFL ticket is around $107, they say.

Why are Chicago Bears tickets so expensive?

Packers-Bears tickets frequently are in high demand because of the rivalry, one of the oldest in the NFL, and the easy drive between stadiums. “It’s the rivalry, the tradition, and the Bears are playing decent football now,” said Dennis Garrity of Event USA in Ashwaubenon, a game-ticket and travel-package provider.

How much is a skybox at Soldier Field?

The price of Soldier Field suites is determined by matchup and location in the stadium. Private suites are available for all home games and events with pricing starting at $21,000 and may cost as much as $40,000.

How much does a Chicago Bears PSL cost?

Latherow is far from alone. The Bears sold 26,000 permanent seat licenses, or PSLs, priced between $765 and $10,000 each, to help fund the 2003 renovation of Soldier Field.

How much do Bears box seats cost?

Suite prices for Chicago Bears games range from $15,000-$40,000 depending on team performance, opponent, day of the week, suite location and suite size. Bears suite rentals are due in full at the time of purchase. Catering won’t be charged until game day and could cost around $100 per person.

What is the cheapest NFL stadium to build?

See how much it cost to build your favorite football team’s home stadium.

  • Metlife Stadium – $1.6 (B)
  • AT Stadium – $1.3 (B)
  • Lucas Oil Stadium -$720 (M)
  • Soldier Field – $632 (M)
  • Lincoln Financial Field – $512 (M)
  • Paul Brown Stadium – $455 (M)
  • University of Phoenix Stadium – $455 (M)
  • CenturyLink Field – $430 (M)

How many people can the Lambeau Field hold?

81,441Lambeau Field / Capacity

With the debut of standing-room-only areas in 2014, capacity of Lambeau Field now stands at 81,441, second only to New York’s MetLife Stadium (82,500). The football facilities also received an upgrade during the recent renovations.

Why are sports tickets so expensive?

Tickets to professional sporting events are expensive for numerous reasons, including the rise in professional sports players’ salaries and the construction of expensive stadiums. Even if a ticket is affordable, parking, concessions, and souvenirs drive up the cost of the experience of attending a sporting event.

When do the Bears play?

Why Do Bears Play? Most play by bears is done when bears are young cubs, which is for a good reason. Bears use play to teach them survival skills, which are necessary for their lives in the wild. Cubs will stay with their mothers while feeding for the first one to two years but may stay with them until they are up to four years old.

Are Chicago Bears undefeated?

Undefeated seasons by the Bears The Chicago Bears, charter members of the National Football League, were among the elite of the league in the early years. In fact, the Bears suffered just two losing seasons in its first 27 years. (The 1934 Bears featured Beattie Feathers, the first 1,000-yard rusher in NFL history.)

Is the Chicago Bears a NFL team?

The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

What is the Chicago Bears game?

Chicago Bears. The team played home games at Wrigley Field on Chicago’s North Side through the 1970 season; they now play at Soldier Field on the Near South Side , next to Lake Michigan. The Bears have a long-standing rivalry with the Green Bay Packers.