How many Swordtails are in a 15 gallon tank?

How many Swordtails are in a 15 gallon tank?

Although these fish are not big, they are active and need plenty of swimming space. A single swordtail needs at least 15 gallons. As they prefer being in groups, each additional fish needs roughly 5-6 gallons of water to keep them comfortable.

How long do store bought fish live?

Seafood should never be left out over two hours. You can store commercially canned fish, such as tuna, for up to five years in the pantry; home canned fish, only one year. For more information, you may call the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) toll-free at 888-723-3366 or go to FDA’s website.

How long does a swordtail live?

around three to five years
The average swordtail fish lifespan is around three to five years. Fish kept in the best and most stable living conditions tend to live longer.

What fish has the longest lifespan?

The longest living freshwater fish is the bigmouth buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus). A study run between 2011 and 2018 used carbon dating across hundreds of the species and found a “grandma fish” that lived to 112 years old! That’s about 40 years longer than any other freshwater bony fish!

What can swordtails live with?

Peaceful catfish species make ideal tank-mates for red swordtails. Both corydoras and plecostomus are good choices. These varieties are peaceful toward other fish and share similar water requirements to red swordtails.

How many fry can a swordtail have?

Swordtails can produce 50 – 100 fry every time and may give birth again four to 6 weeks after the first birth. It may take longer.

Which fish can live over 100 years?

The coelacanth — a giant weird fish still around from dinosaur times — can live for 100 years, a new study found. These slow-moving, people-sized fish of the deep, nicknamed a “living fossil,” are the opposite of the live-fast, die-young mantra.