How many refineries are in Billings Montana?

How many refineries are in Billings Montana?

four refineries
Today, four refineries remain, three of which are in the Billings area of Yellowstone County.

Is Phillips 66 still in business?

The company is engaged in producing natural gas liquids (NGL) and petrochemicals. The company has approximately 14,000 employees worldwide and is active in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Phillips 66 is ranked No….Phillips 66.

Type Public

Who bought Phillips 66?

Phillips Petroleum Company

Type Public
Fate Merged with Conoco Inc. to form ConocoPhillips
Successor ConocoPhillips (2002) Phillips 66 (2012)
Headquarters Bartlesville, Oklahoma , U.S.
Products Petroleum

How many refineries are in Montana?

Montana’s four oil refineries can process about 213,000 barrels of crude oil per calendar day. Montana has four oil refineries with a combined crude oil processing capacity of about 213,000 barrels per calendar day. Three refineries are in the Billings area, and one is in Great Falls.

What kind of refinery is in Billings Montana?

Phillips 66 oil refinery
Billings Refinery (Phillips 66), Phillips 66 oil refinery located in Billings, Montana.

Does Billings Montana have a oil refinery?

Located in Billings, Montana, our Billings Refinery processes a mixture of Canadian heavy, high-sulfur crude oil plus domestic high-sulfur and low-sulfur crude oils, all delivered by pipeline and truck. The refinery produces a high percentage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels as well as fuel-grade petroleum coke.

Is Phillips 66 owned by Conoco?

In 2012, ConocoPhillips separated into two stand-alone publicly traded companies, one of which is Phillips 66. Our company comprises a number of heritage, joint venture and acquired brands.

Does Montana have electricity?

Montana has 44 electricity generation facilities located across the state with generating capacity of 5,500 megawatts. Montana’s coal reserves are estimated at 11 9 billion tons, roughly 25% of the total United States reserves. The total United States production of coal is 1 .

Where are ExxonMobil refineries?

North America

  • Baton Rouge Refinery, Louisiana.
  • Baytown Refinery, Texas.
  • Beaumont Refinery, Texas.
  • Chalmette Refinery, Louisiana.
  • Exxon Billings Refinery, Montana.
  • Joliet Refinery, Illinois.
  • Torrance Refinery, California.