How do you use white lab pure pitch yeast?

How do you use white lab pure pitch yeast?


  1. Add 1.5L of water to the flask.
  2. Add 200g of DME or LME.
  3. Top flask with water to 2L mark.
  4. Add ⅛ teaspoon of preferred yeast nutrient.
  5. Add antifoam (Optional)
  6. Cover opening with foil and boil for 15min.
  7. Allow the flask to cool to room temperatures and aseptically transfer yeast to liquid.

How long does White Labs yeast take to start?

5-15 hours
One vial will usually start fermentation in 5 gallons in 5-15 hours at 70oF. If a faster start is desired, or if initial gravity is over 1.070, we recommend a 1-2 pint starter be made.

How long can liquid yeast sit out?

If re-supplied with nutrients it can be safely kept going (and be used for brewing) for years in “normal kitchen conditions”(ie not a fridge). Yeast taken out of a fridge needs some time to return from being dormant (or being of very low metabolic activity) and 24 hours at “room temperature”(20C) should be enough.

How many yeast cells do I need?

How much yeast do I need? Simply multiply the number of gravity points by the multiplier you selected above, and then multiply by your batch size in gallons. (0.007 packs per gallon per gravity point) × (50 gravity points) × (5 gallons) = 1.75 liquid yeast packs.

What is pure pitch yeast?

PurePitch® is White Labs’ state of the art packaging technology, with our patented FlexCell™ technology. White Labs yeast is propagated in all-malt wort, providing the perfect nutrients for growth and optimal performance. The reason for this is to prevent a temperature shock when the yeast is pitched.

Can you freeze White Labs yeast?

Re: Yeast Freezing/Storage You can store slurry in sanitised White Labs vials in a fridge for well over 6 months and make starters without problem. No need to freeze.

Does White Labs yeast need to be refrigerated?

All White Labs yeast comes with a guarantee that each culture has met our strict quality control standards. Yeast should be stored in the refrigerator prior to use. Remove the yeast from the refrigerator approximately two to six hours before pitching and allow the yeast to come up to room temperature.

What is a Brett sour?

Brettanomyces (or Brett for short) is a wild yeast often incorporated into sour beers like Lambics and Flemish Red Ales. It adds a distinctive flavor known affectionately as “horse blanket.” The acetic acid produced by Brettanomyces is associated with funkiness, tart fruit, and peppery spicing in sour beer styles.

What is Brett in a beer?

Short for Brettanomyces, “Brett” is a type of yeast that can be used to ferment beer. Unlike the typical yeasts used in beer making, Brett is a little bit wild, and can be responsible for some “funky” flavors. While a mere human can boil water with malt and hops to make wort, it is the yeast that makes it beer.

What happens if I pitch too much yeast?

If you over-pitch, or dump in too much yeast, your squadron of cells might over-accomplish its mission, thereby fermenting too fast and stripping the beer of much of its desired character. If you’re aiming for esters and other complexities that arise during fermentation, you might not get them.