How do you maintain an infusion pump?

How do you maintain an infusion pump?

Pump Cleaning

  1. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe out any liquid spillage.
  2. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean up any dry dust.
  3. When not in use, keep the syringe pump covered to avoid dust accumulation on the lead screw and guide shafts.

What is Smart IV pump?

“Smart” infusion pumps are medication delivery devices that use a combination of computer technology and drug libraries to limit the potential for dosing errors. The evidence for their impact is limited: they have been shown to prevent some errors but there are minimal data linking the devices to reducing harm.

What is pump compliance?

Compliance is the stretchability of an infusion component under the pressure. For example, if the flow rate of one pump is increased, all the flow rates of the other pumps on a common infusion set will be decreased.

How do you troubleshoot an infusion pump?

Troubleshooting the Syringe Pump

  1. Ensure that your outlets and power sources are actually supplying power.
  2. Make sure the power cords are securely plugged into the syringe pump.
  3. Check that the voltage selector is set to the same as your input voltage.

Why syringe pump is used?

Syringe pumps are used to deliver a very small amount of medications, mechanically moving the piston of a syringe to send medication into IV tubing.

How long does an infusion pump last?

Infusion pumps have an impressive lifespan of about ten years. Look for a company that will provide you with a warranty for your refurbished IV infusion pump. A warranty that falls somewhere between three months and one year is appropriate for the industry.

What data is gathered using smart pumps?

Analysis of Smart Pump Data Reports

  • Compliance rate of utilizing the intelligent infusion software.
  • Identification of medication doses frequently overridden.
  • Practice trends.
  • Prevalence of errors sorted by units and medications.
  • Medications associated with the critical catches.

What is infusion pressure?

In order to deliver a drug, infusion pumps generate a force to overcome resistive forces and venous pressure. When such pressures exceed a set limit, occlusion alarms sound and a protective disconnect of the pump motor is initiated to prevent harm to the patient.

How can smart IV pumps improve the medication process?

One potential solution for this is using smart IV pumps in the medication process. When connected to the electronic health record (EHR), smart IV pumps improve awareness of medication levels and communication among members of the care team.

What is careaware infusion management?

This technology gives you a single, centralized view for all your medication infusion information. Our CareAware Infusion Management can link a variety of IV pumps to any EHR system. This connectivity will help your organization enhance nursing workflow, improve patient safety and ease regulatory compliance.

What is centralized intravenous additive services?

Centralized intravenous additive services (CIVAS) Beside the mixtures of parenteral nutrition and anticancer cures of chemotherapy, there remains an important quantity of injectable medications, in particular antibiotics, antiemetics and pain treatment. The incentive of taking in charge these various medications are identical to the precedents.

What is an IV compounding room?

Many IV therapies ordered for acute care hospital patients must be prepared in a compliant IV compounding room located within the hospital pharmacy. These compounds require pharmacy staff to obtain materials, prepare the medication and be reviewed by a pharmacist prior to delivery to the patient care area for use.