How do you know if you are Northern or Southern?

How do you know if you are Northern or Southern?

Determining whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere is easy—simply ask yourself if the equator is north or south of your position. This tells you your longitudinal hemisphere because the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere are divided by the equator.

How do you know if your Southern?

25 Signs You’re a Southerner Living in New York

  1. You are stunned when the breakfast waitress says “Sorry…
  2. You use y’all twice in one sentence and think it’s a proper pronoun.
  3. You still love a good headband.
  4. You never met a can of hairspray you didn’t like.
  5. You are always made up.
  6. Day drinking is normal.

What makes you a northerner?

A northerner is a person who was born in or who lives in the north of a place or country.

How do you spot a northerner?

How to Spot a Northern Student

  1. They eat all their meals with gravy.
  2. They’re basically always up for drinking.
  3. And when they drink, they drink A LOT.
  4. They have tea brewing down to a scientific method.
  5. Oh yeah, make sure you don’t bring up whether tea is a meal or a drink.
  6. Or whether this is a roll or a bap.

How do you tell if you are in the northern or Southern Hemisphere by the sun?

Find North with an Analog Wrist Watch If you are not sure which end of the line is north, remember that the sun rises in the east, sets in the west and is due south at noon for the northern hemisphere. South will be the direction closest to the sun and north will be the direction furthest from the sun.

How do you say your Southern without saying you’re Southern?

30 ways you can tell someone’s Southern without them telling you

  1. @southernthing Roll Tide.
  2. @southernthing That’s my second cousin, once removed, on my mama’s side.
  3. @southernthing I shop at the piggly wiggly.
  4. @southernthing What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have, what’ll ya have.

Do Northerners drink gravy?

If you think about it, it’s almost definitely Northerners’ obsession with gravy that gives them their lust for life. It seems there’s an intrinsic link between gravy and Northern happiness and I needed to find out the truth.

How are northerners different from Southerners?

The English often talk about the Great Divide between the North and the South. There are many differences in culture and attitudes. Whereas northerners are seen as being more open, talkative and sociable, southerners are considered more withdrawn, treating strangers politely and correctly.

Do Northerners drink more than Southerners?

Northerners Consume More Alcohol Than Southerners A glance at this map reveals the percentage of adults in each state who drink (specifically, who have consumed at least one alcoholic beverage within the past 30 days).