How do you calculate an aerator?

How do you calculate an aerator?

CALCULATE NUMBER OF AERATORS Number of aerators = Number of acres (rounded upward) Example: The lake is 220ft. wide x 370 ft. long (220′ x 370′ = 81,400 sq. ft = 1.87 acres (rounded up to 2 acres).

How is aerator efficiency calculated?

The unit of measurement is kilograms or pounds of oxygen per hour of operation. Another measure is the Standard Aeration Efficiency or SAE, which is the SOTR divided by power used. The resulting measurement is pounds of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation.

How do you size an aeration tank?

The influent concentration of MLSS is 3,000 mg/L, and the flow rate is 8,000 m3/day. Determine the size of the clarifier that will thicken the solids to 10,000 mg/L….

Parameter Result
Aeration tank
F / M 0.05 kg BOD / kg MLSS . day
MLSS concentration 4,000 mg / L
Aeration volume required 15,750 m3

How do you calculate the diffuser on an aeration tank?

Calculation of actual (Field) oxygen transfer efficiency (AOTE) requires manufacturers value of standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE). By using AOTE the number of diffusers necessary at the design maximum case is computed….

0.129 42.3
0.183 40.5
0.238 39.3
0.296 38.58

How do you calculate Vvm in bioreactor?

All Answers (19) As VVM stands for volume of air sparged (in aerobic cultures) per unit volume of growth medium per minute, it is calculated by dividing measured airflow rate (units: L/m, using a rotameter) with the volume (L) of growth medium (including cultured cells).

What is aeration capacity?

The aeration capacity is normally based on the oxygen transfer under standard conditions which means in clean wa- ter, at 10 or 20 oC, atmospheric pressure 1013 mBar and no dissolved oxygen in the water. In general the Standard Oxygen Requirement (SOR) is in between 1.5 2.5 times the AOR.

How do you calculate oxygen uptake?

Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) Calculation d [O2] / d t (= OTR, oxygen transfer rate) is used to calculate the current oxygen consumption during a certain time period. So in order to calculate the OUR of the cells / microorganisms the kLa has to be known, estimated, or determined.

How do you calculate oxygen in aeration tank?

How to calculate Aeration Tank Volume? Hence O2 required 350/0.20 =1750 kg/day. one more point to be consider the Depth of aeration Tank, suppose it is 4 metre depth select 0.5 or 0.6 kg/cm² in blower side.

What is aeration rate?

Fermentation Design Laboratory scale work frequently reports aeration rates as the volume of air at standard conditions per volume of liquid per minute, or standard cubic feet of air per hour per gallon.