How do I use my Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speakerphone?

How do I use my Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speakerphone?

Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device. Turn off your Jabra Freeway by sliding the On/off switch to the “off” position. To enter pairing mode, simultaneously press and hold (5 seconds) the Answer/end button and slide the On/off switch to “on”. The light flashes blue, and pairing instructions are announced.

How do I use Jabra voice commands?

To use voice commands when you are not on a call, tap the Voice and Mute microphone button until you hear “say a command”….Prerequisites.

“What can I say”? Hear a list of all voice commands
“Phone commands” Turn on the phone commands of the paired device (for example, Siri)

How do I make a call from my Jabra Freeway?

Initiate phone voice dial* Press the Answer/end button when connected or not on an active call or tap the Voice button and say “Phone commands” to activate the voice dialing feature on your phone .

How do I put my Jabra Freeway in pairing mode?

Android. Bluetooth can be turned on by going to Settings. You can pair a new device with Bluetooth by clicking “Pair new device”. Tap the Jabra headphones or headset that appear in the list, and your phone will pair with them.

How does Jabra work with Alexa?

In the Jabra Sound+ app on your phone, go to Device->Voice Assistant and select “Amazon Alexa” as the voice assistant. You will be prompted to authorize access to Alexa from the Jabra app.

How do I reset my Jabra Freeway?

Follow these steps to reset:

  1. Turn on the Jabra Freeway by switching the On/off switch to the “on” position.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold (5 seconds) the Answer/end, Voice, and Mute buttons until you hear a beep tone.
  3. The Jabra Freeway is now reset and is ready to pair again.

How do I find my Jabra firmware version?

To find the firmware version of your Jabra device, follow these steps.

  1. In Jabra Direct, select your device.
  2. Click Device.
  3. In Device settings > Product information, the product firmware is listed.

How do I Reset my Jabra freeway?

Reset Factory Settings. A lot of other problems can be resolved by resetting the Jabra Freeway back to the default factory settings. You can do this using the following steps: Ensure the Jabra Freeway is powered on. Hold both the “Answer,” “Voice,” and “Mute” buttons down until you hear a loud beeping sound.

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