How do I get my UCard?

How do I get my UCard?

You will receive your first U Card from the U Card Office in Coffman Memorial Union. Upload your photo or have your photo taken at the U Card Office. You must present an approved primary form of a government-issued photo ID to receive your first U Card.

What is a UCard?

The UCARD is the official identification card for students UCD. The UCARD is multi-functional in that it is used for numerous services on campus e.g. library, identification, printing, photocopying, access control and much more. ‘

What is my University of Utah student ID number?

UCard/Hospital Badge: The U number on the front or bottom of your card is your University ID (UNID). This number will not change as long as you are associated with the University.

What is UCard UMass?

The UCard Debit Account is a UMass Amherst declining balance debit account. It is a campus, not a bank, debit account which can be used to make purchases nearly everywhere on-campus as well as at participating off-campus locations.

Why is my UCard not working?

Residential Hall Students – If you are unable to gain access to your residence hall using your U Card, please speak with the front desk staff at the residence hall. If the front desk staff confirm you have access and your U Card is still not working properly, please visit the U Card to have your card evaluated.

Where can I use my UCard?

Currently the following merchants accept the UCard for purchases:

  • Antonio’s Pizza.
  • Domino’s Pizza of Hadley.
  • Insomnia Cookies.
  • Mexcalito Taco Bar *NEW*
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill of Hadley.
  • Pasta e Basta.
  • Stop & Shop of Hadley.
  • Sunset Grill and Pizza.

How do I replace my UCard?

Requesting a Replacement Card Any customer needing a replacement UCard should request a replacement card online at Any customer needing a replacement Door Access Badge or Department Badge, should contact the appropriate department, who will request the replacement card.