Does Gordon Ramsay have any restaurants in the United States?

Does Gordon Ramsay have any restaurants in the United States?

Experience Gordon Ramsay across North America Dine in one of world-renowned, Michelin-starred Chef Gordon Ramsay’s twelve restaurants across North America.

Where are Chef Ramsay’s restaurants located?

Gordon Ramsay Burger. +1 702-785-5555.

  • Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas. +1 (877) 346-4642.
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak Atlantic City. (609) 441-5000.
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak Kansas City. 1 Riverboat Drive.
  • Gordon Ramsay Steak Baltimore.
  • Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Las Vegas.
  • Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe.
  • How many restaurants has Gordon Ramsay?

    35 restaurants
    Gordon Ramsay is the second-richest chef in the world, owns 35 restaurants, and is known for his colorful word choices on many TV shows. However, while Ramsay may be a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, fans might be surprised to learn the TV chef has a softer side, as well as a love for fast food and TikTok.

    How many restaurants does Gordon Ramsay have in the USA?

    Ramsay has 10 restaurants in the U.S. According to his website, he has five in Las Vegas, two in Atlantic City, one in Baltimore, one in Kansas City, and one in Lake Tahoe.

    What is Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant called in New York?


    Restaurant Location Opened
    Gordon Ramsay at The London New York City, New York, United States November 2006
    Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood, California, United States 4 June 2008
    La Veranda Versailles, France 2008
    L’Oranger London, England, United Kingdom 1996

    Where is Gordon Ramsay today?

    Now, Ramsay splits his time between Los Angeles and South London, where he resides with his wife, Tana and four children, along with their dogs, cats and tortoise.

    Does Gordon Ramsay have a restaurant in Miami?

    Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Lucky Cat’ will open its doors in South of Fifth this year. Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen fans rejoice because you’ll soon be able to dig into Gordon Ramsay’s scrumptious dishes right here in Miami!

    What restaurants are owned by Gordon Ramsay?

    Restaurants Owned or Operated by Gordon Ramsay that are currently open: Gordon Ramsay at Powerscourt (Enniskerry, Ireland) Gordon Ramsay BurGR (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill (Las Vegas, Nevada, US)

    How many restaurants does chef Gordon Ramsey have?

    Gordon Ramsay owns about 26 restaurants around the world. He has been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total and currently holds 14.

    Does Gordon Ramsay have a restaurant?

    In 1998, at the age of 31, Ramsay set up his first wholly owned and namesake restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which was awarded three Michelin stars . Now internationally renowned, Gordon has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from Italy to the United States and holds seven Michelin stars.

    Where are Chef Ramsay restaurants located?

    Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, also known as Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, is a three Michelin star restaurant owned and operated by Gordon Ramsay, located at Royal Hospital Road, London. It opened in 1998 and was Ramsay’s first solo restaurant.