Does AllCast cost money?

Does AllCast cost money?

So what’s the catch? For freedom from ads and no cap on video length, you need AllCast Premium, which costs $4.99 | £3 | AU$5.56 via in-app purchase.

Is the AllCast app free?

A scrubber bar appears at the bottom when videos are playing, and quick controls can be accessed through Android’s pulldown notification screen. The basic version is free, but a $4.99 premium version removes a restriction on video length, all advertising, and splash screens.

How do I cast from my phone to AllCast TV?


  1. Install AllCast on your Android device and launch it.
  2. Turn on your Samsung TV and be sure to connect both devices to the same wireless network.
  3. To start casting your device, tap the name of your TV from the detection tab.
  4. Once connected, the app will automatically detect everything on your device.

How do I connect Volkano to AllCast?

Open the “Quick Settings” panel by swiping down from the top of screen on your Android Device….SCREEN SHARING FROM YOUR PHONE / TABLET

  1. Open the Wi-Fi Menu on your iOS Devices.
  2. Select “Allcast-xxxxxxxx” from the list of available networks.
  3. Enter the default password “12345678”to connect.

How do I connect to AllCast WIFI?

Windows Devices (Miracast): Open the “Start Menu” and click on settings. Select “Devices” from the list of options. Select “Add Devices” and select “Wireless Display or Dock” in the pop-up window. Select “Allcast-xxxxxxxx” from the list of available devices and wait for the device to connect.

How do I use AllCast on Firestick?

Stream from Android to Fire TV with AllCast

  1. Download AllCast for Fire TV. Next download the AllCast app to your Android device.
  2. Select Fire TV from the list of devices to stream to.
  3. Select the location to stream files from.
  4. Browse files while a video is streaming to the Fire TV.

How do I install AllCast on Amazon Fire Stick?

How do I use AllCast on Roku?

Make sure your phone and Roku are connected to the same network. Then open Allcast and it will automatically scan your available streamers like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV or Xbox. For now, please choose the Roku streaming player.