Do records need outer sleeves?

Do records need outer sleeves?

You will need an outer covering to accompany the inner. This will protect your vinyl’s card sleeve but will also prevent dust finding the record (and abrading it over time). When compressed, these thick plastic covers can eventually stick to the record sleeve and pull the artwork right off.

What is the outside of a vinyl record called?

Jackets: Also commonly referred to as a “cover” a jacket is the outer pocket that records are inserted into – records first go into an Innersleeve, and are then inserted into the record jacket.

What is the sleeve of a vinyl record?

A record sleeve (not to be confused with a record jacket/cover) is the outer covering of a vinyl record. Alternative terms are dust sleeve and album liner. A record sleeve can be made of paper, cardboard, rice paper, polypropylene, etc. It may be acid-free or anti-static and also contain an inner liner (polylined).

Should I keep my vinyl in plastic sleeves?

Commercial vinyl records may be stored in their original sleeve, but they should also be placed in a static-free polyethylene liner to avoid print-through from the original sleeve. In addition to storing records in a plastic sleeve, you should store record covers in a plastic sleeve.

Are plastic sleeves bad for vinyl?

To answer the OPs question, yes, PVC damages your vinyl. I never filed my albums in PVC sleeves, opting for the safer material instead, but a few I bought in PVC outer sleeves, I left them on and regret it now.

What does generic sleeve mean?

Generic. Within the context of grading items in the Discogs Marketplace, the term “generic” refers to a type of sleeve that is not specific to the release. A generic sleeve is either a plain sleeve or a company sleeve with standard company artwork.

What goes on the back of a record sleeve?

The back cover of the album should include the album’s track list and play-times. The typography can be different here than on the front cover, but it should still communicate stylistically and be easy to read. Remember to have a space on the back cover or inside for licensing and legal information.

Should I sleeve my vinyl?

If so, YES. It’s a crucial part of record care; keeps the record “locked” into your sleeve and dust-free; also reduces friction pulling the record out of the sleeve.

Are plastic sleeves better for vinyl?

Vinyl record sleeves made out of polypropylene are a great all around choice for economical protection since both sides of the label can be seen clearly without the need for a cutout as with paper sleeves. The poly lined inner surface lets the record slide with minimal friction and static.

Are Mofi outer sleeves good?

These outer sleeves are high quality and are great for optimal record storing, but I wish they could go a size up. They fit single record jackets perfectly and a few of my slimmer gatefolds, but a majority of my gatefold jackets have to remain naked because these jackets do not accommodate them.

What is the vinyl record?

The vinyl record is an analog sound medium that consists of a flat disc record that has an inscribed modulated spiral, which usually starts near the outside edge (lead-in) and ending near the center of the record (lead-out).

What is a vinyl record jacket?

A record sleeve is the outer covering of a vinyl record. Alternative terms are dust sleeve, album liner and liner. The term is also used to denominate the outermost cardboard covering of a record, i.e. the record jacket or album jacket.

What are vinyl record albums?

Vinyl Record Album Facts A vinyl record album can also be called a phonograph record, gramophone record, record album and a record. Vinyl records have analog recordings. A vinyl record is a flat, round disk with a spiral groove. The groove in a vinyl record starts at the outer edge of the disc and ends towards the center of the disk.

What are vinyl sleeves?

Vinyl Sleeves, Pouches, and Pockets. For example, when the sleeves are used for presentation materials, document storage and collector pieces the vinyl sleeves are clear or polished clear. The materials provide storage and protection for the document or article while offering a package that is waterproof and has very low visual distortion.