Can I return an item to Coles without a receipt?

Can I return an item to Coles without a receipt?

Love it. Or Your Money Back.” guarantee, we encourage our customers to return the product, empty packaging or receipt of any Coles product they weren’t happy with, for a refund or replacement.

How do I get my Coles receipt online?

Where can I get a copy of my invoice? Your invoice will be provided to you with your delivery. Your invoice will also be available online for you to access via the past orders section located on the account menu. You will see the past orders section once you have logged in.

How long does it take to get a refund from Coles Online?

If you have any queries about your credit card charge please contact us on 1800 455 400. Online credit card order cancellations or refunds will be processed on the next business day in accordance with your bank handling time.

How do I lodge a complaint with Coles supermarkets?

Feedback form If your enquiry is related to a Coles Online order, please call 1800 455 400, text 0429 989 656, or email us via this webform. Alternatively, for a quick response you can contact us via Facebook Messenger.

Can Coles reprint a receipt?

Flybuys, Coles’ loyalty program, also records a transaction history and can be used to reprint receipts.

Can I return something to Woolworths without a receipt?

Without Proof of Purchase If you do not have proof of purchase and you wish to return a faulty or defective product, we will, at our option, provide you with a Woolworths returns card to the value of the purchase price.

Is Coles Online more expensive than in store?

Are the prices the same as in store? The prices on our website might not be the same as prices in your local Coles supermarket or Liquorland store. While we offer most Coles Supermarkets catalogue specials online, not all specials are available.

How much does Coles free delivery cost?

Your first delivery is FREE when you spend over $100! Following deliveries can cost between $4 and $18 dollars depending on the time of day and length of the window. Longer windows are cheaper if you can be flexible with your delivery time.

What does partner delivery mean Coles?

What is Partner Delivery? Expand this question. Coles utilises third party providers to deliver your groceries through the ‘Partner Delivery’ window. This allows us to give customers access to more immediate home delivery windows so you can receive your groceries sooner.

How do I contact the CEO of Coles?

Steven Cain Email Address