Are Jila Mints good?

Are Jila Mints good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Minty Fresh! The best breast mints around! I prefer to use these over the other brands, but I was saddened when I found out that the local Italian store stopped carrying them. They taste great and they certainly freshen my breath!

What are Jila Mints?

sorbitol (420) (96.77%), natural flavourings (1.98%), steviol glycosides (960) (0.48%), anticaking agent (470) (0.59%), natural colour (Spirulina) (0.18%). Store in a cool dry place. Mints are produced by compressing the powder mix of all ingredients in a two layer high pressure tablet press.

What are jila mints made of?

Sugar (97.3%), Glucose (corn(0.5%)), Flavour (Peppermint (1.8%) Menthol (0.4%)). Made from Imported Ingredients.

Who makes jila mints?

Ferndale Confectionery’s
As a result, Ferndale Confectionery’s well-known brands including JILA® MINTS, JOLS® PASTILLES & LICORETTE® are now distributed in over 14 countries, and continue to grow as consumers seek out permissible, guilt free snacking options. Ferndale is also a specialist manufacturer in the private label confectionery space.

What are Eclipse mints?

Eclipse Mints are a great way to refresh your breath after a meal. They come in a small, convenient tin that you can easily put in your pocket or bag when you’re on the go. In this tin, there are 40 g of mints. These mints are peppermint flavoured. Excessive consumption of these mints may have a laxative effect.

Who owns Ferndale Confectionery?

Established in 1995 by the Edward family in Ballarat, to develop, produce and market new innovative confectionery concepts. Specialising in high quality confectionery, generally sugar free, with natural colours, natural flavours and 100% safe for teeth.

Are Eclipse mints unhealthy?

If consumed to excess it can cause diarrhoea and gastrointestinal disturbances. Eating as little as 10 grams can cause diarrhoea in some children. Each 2g mint has 1.9g of sorbitol so you wouldn’t want your children having more than 5 or 6 of these mints in one sitting.

Are Eclipse mints a laxative?

In this tin, there are 40 g of mints. These mints are spearmint flavoured. Excessive consumption of these mints may have a laxative effect. Keep them in a cool, dry place.

Are JOLS gluten free?

Sweetener ( E420, E965 ) , vegetable gum ( gum acacia ) , acidity regulator ( E330 ) , fruit juice concentrate ( 1 ….23g 3 Fruits.

Contains Nuts & Nut Derivatives No
Contains Gluten No
Contains Milk or Milk Products No
Contains Egg or Egg Products No
Contains Soy or Soya Products No

How many Eclipse mints is too many?

Do mints have a laxative effect?

What is Sorbitol? Sorbitol, or glucitol, is a sugar alcohol which our bodies metabolize slowly. Sorbitol can be found in cough syrups, sugar free mints, chewing gum, diet foods, diet drinks and ice creams. Sorbitol is also used as a non-stimulant laxative.

Can eating too many mints harm you?

Menthol interacts with the body’s calcium channels. While this response triggers a pleasant cooling sensation in normal doses, large amounts can be toxic. Seizures are possible when this toxicity occurs, and in rare cases, it can even be fatal. Obviously, peppermint candy is meant to be taken internally.