Who makes bull bars in Australia?

Who makes bull bars in Australia?

TUFF Bullbars and Brushrails are handmade in Australia by a team of 80 dedicated people at the TUFF factory in Toowoomba, Queensland. The company also exports to the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States. TUFF is best known for its iconic five post bullbar which is considered the strongest Bullbar available.

How much do bull bars weigh?

Bull Bar Weight Full size Bull Bars generally weigh anywhere from 25 – 80kg, depending on the material used, thickness and overall design.

Where are Ironman bull bars made?

TJM is an Australian company that has been designing and manufacturing a range of steel and alloy Frontal Protection Systems (bullbars) since 1973.

Where are rhino bull bars made?

Rhino 4×4. These winch mount bull bars have been designed and built in Argentine and have been tested in the harsh conditions of South America and Africa for over 20 years. During this time products have evolved and are now the most advanced systems in the world.

Where are Iron Man bull bars made?

Ironman bullbars aid in protecting vehicles from animal attacks, especially when driving remotely. It also gives ideal locations for mounting 4 x 4 accessories like aerials, lights, and winches, since these are designed, manufactured, and tested in different locations in Australia.

Where are PIAK bull bars made?

Today we produce and export products to some of the toughest environments in the world. And now we’re here in Australia, so you can get outstanding protection for your vehicle.

What winches are compatible with the Amarok bull bar?

Available for the Amarok models both with and without flares, the Deluxe bull bar is compatible with a selection of Warn, Smittybilt and Bushranger low mount winches. A cover panel finishes off the bar for when a winch is not fitted.

What is the nudge bar for the Volkswagen Amarok V6?

This ECB Series 2 Nudge Bar has been designed specifically for the Volkswagen Amarok V6 and will provide frontal protection and enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle.

What is a deluxe bull bar?

Manufactured from steel for ultimate strength and powder coated for durability, the Deluxe bull bar is designed to complement the vehicle’s style and safety systems while offering a solid platform to mount essential 4WD accessories in a seamless and integrated package.

Why choose the ARB alloy bull bar?

Equipped with a range of features you have come to expect from the ARB Deluxe bull bar, the Alloy bar offers fantastic frontal protection in a contemporary and lightweight design. The Alloy bar utilises ARB’s renowned manufacturing processes throughout, ensuring maximum strength and the highest level of aesthetic finish.