Who is the voice of Brian the dog on Family Guy?

Who is the voice of Brian the dog on Family Guy?

Seth MacFarlaneBrian Griffin / Voiced by

H. Brian Griffin is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy. An anthropomorphic white Labrador voiced by Seth MacFarlane, he is one of the show’s main characters as a member of the Griffin family.

What episode of Family Guy does Brian go to obedience school?

Once Bitten
Brian becomes more submissive as a result of attending obedience school and Chris discovers his new friend is using him to get close to Meg.

What happened to Brian from Family Guy?

10In the November 2013 episode of Family Guy called “Life of Brian” (season 12, episode 6), Brian is killed. He is about to play hockey in the streets with Stewie, the baby in the Griffin family, when a speeding car runs him over.

Why is Brian a talking dog?

Brian isn’t like other dogs, he is special. This is told when he runs into the family that sold him to the Griffins. He reminds the old man , “I’m the one that talks” , so Brian is a talking dog and everyone just accepts that. He still has dog instincts , like barking at the mail man , burying bones etc.

What episode does Brian bite Lois?

Once Bitten | Family Guy Wiki | Fandom.

What season is once bitten Family Guy?

Season 13
Family Guy – Season 13 Episode 15: Once Bitten – Metacritic.

Why did they bring Brian the dog back?

Thanks a lot, Family Guy Two episodes after his demise, the Griffins’ dog was brought back to life thanks to some creative timeline massaging, courtesy of Stewie, during the events of season 12’s “Christmas Guy.” More than that, MacFarlane wanted to stir the pot after a long primetime tenure.

What happened to Brian the dog on Family Guy?

In a November 2013 episode of Family Guy, Brian was killed off. Brian was hit by a car leaving viewers wondering if he was gone for good or if he could miraculously come back thanks to the flexibility in cartoon universes. The episode featured Brian getting ran over and killed right in front of his best friend Stewie.

What episode does Stewie get pregnant with Brian’s babies?

Stewie Is Enceinte. Stewie impregnates himself with Brian’s DNA to save their friendship, while Peter and the guys try to make a viral video.

What season and episode does Stewie get pregnant in Family Guy?

Stewie Is Enceinte is the twelfth episode of the thirteenth season of the American animated television sitcom Family Guy, and the 243rd episode overall. It aired on Fox in the United States on March 8, 2015.

How did Brian die in Family Guy?

Brian Griffin was killed in a car accident on Family Guy. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has shed light on his controversial killing off of central character Brian Griffin, insisting it “did what it was designed to do”: shock.

Who is the cast of Family Guy?

List of Family Guy cast members. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane also provides the voices of Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, and Glenn Quagmire.

What is Family Guy TV show?

Family Guy is an animated television show that airs on the FOX television network. The show was created by Seth MacFarlane and premiered after Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999.

What episode of Family Guy does Brian die?

As the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future visited Peter Griffin on last night’s episode, many are remembering one Christmas four years ago that was life-changing for the Griffin family and Family Guy fans. It was the episode where Brian died on Family Guy!