Where is the trace feature on GeoGebra?

Where is the trace feature on GeoGebra?

1) click on the Play button and move point D (or not, fast or slow); 2) on the right Graphics (Graphics 2) the Trace of point E will be shown.

Where is the spreadsheet on GeoGebra?

To open the spreadsheets view you can either choose View –> Spreadsheet or press Ctrl + Shift + S. By highlighting two different numbers and dragging down the black cross at the bottom right corner, the arithmetic sequence will automatically be continued.

What commands are found in a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet View and copying data into it.

  • Cell Command.
  • CellRange Command.
  • Column Command.
  • ColumnName Command.
  • FillCells Command.
  • FillColumn Command.
  • FillRow Command.
  • Row Command.

What is graphic view in GeoGebra?

Graphics View User Interface The Graphics View always displays the graphical representation of objects created in GeoGebra. In addition, the Graphics View Toolbar is displayed at the top of the GeoGebra window, with the Undo / Redo buttons in the top right corner. The. Graphics View is part of almost all Perspectives.

How do you use locus in GeoGebra?


  1. Type f(x) = x^2 – 2 x – 1 into the Input Bar and press the Enter-key.
  2. Place a new point A on the x-axis (see Point tool or Point command).
  3. Create point B = (x(A), f'(x(A))) that depends on point A.
  4. Select the tool Locus and successively select point B and point A.

How do you animate lines in GeoGebra?

Create a slider say ‘c’. Then insert any number of points on previous lines such as (c,c), (-c,c), (c,-c), (-c,-c), (c+1,c+1)…, Now draw perpendicular lines in each point to y=x and y=-x. Change color of lines. Then animate slider ‘c’.

How do you animate points in GeoGebra?

If you want to animate a free number or angle in GeoGebra, as well as a dependent point, you need to select Animation On in the Context Menu of that number, angle or point. In order to stop the animation, you need to un-check Animation On in the same context menu. continue an animation.

Which of the following is a spreadsheet application?

The correct answer is MS Excel. MS Excel is a spreadsheet.

How do I import data into GeoGebra?

GeoGebra allows you to import data from other spreadsheet software into the Spreadsheet View . Select and copy the data you want to import. For example, you may use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C (Mac OS: Cmd + C) in order to copy the data to your computer’s clipboard. Open a GeoGebra window and show the Spreadsheet View.

How does GeoGebra display objects created in a spreadsheet cell?

If possible, GeoGebra immediately displays the graphical representation of the object you entered in a Spreadsheet Cellin the Graphics Viewas well. Thereby, the name of the object matches the name of the Spreadsheet Cellused to initially create it (e.g. A5, C1).

What is a cell name in GeoGebra?

In GeoGebra’s Spreadsheet View every cell has a specific name that allows you to directly address each cell. Example: The cell in column A and row 1 is named A1. Note: These cell names can be used in expressions and Commands in order to address the content of the corresponding cell.

How do I paste data into the spreadsheet view?

Paste the data from your computer’s clipboard into GeoGebra’s Spreadsheet View. For example, you may select a cell and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ V(Mac OS: Cmd+ V) in order to paste the data into the highlighted spreadsheet cell.