Where does Naomi Campbell have houses?

Where does Naomi Campbell have houses?

Naomi Campbell’s Tribeca duplex, New York, USA While she hails from South London, Naomi Campbell has made New York City her home, though the supermodel and activist owns a number of lavish properties around the globe.

How much is Naomi Campbell house worth?

Naomi Campbell’s fancy houses The house, which is currently on sale, cost $140 million to build but is up for sale for $100 million. This is actually a reduced price as it was originally offered up for $150 million. The eco-style abode flaunts a spa, nightclub, 20-meter swimming pool, gym, and a Japanese garden.

Where does Naomi Campbell live?

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Where does Naomi Campbell live in Turkey?

Horus Eye Island Living It’s shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus on a location known as Cleopatra Island in Turkey’s Gulf of Gökova. Spanish Architect Luis de Garrido, who specializes in sustainable building, designed Eco-House Horus to be completely energy, water, and food self-sufficient.

Does Naomi Campbell have Kenyan roots?

Campbell was born in Streatham, South London to Jamaican-born dancer Valerie Morris. Campbell is of Afro-Jamaican descent, as well as of Chinese-Jamaican ancestry through her paternal grandmother, whose surname was Ming. Campbell spent her early years in Rome, Italy, where her mother worked as a modern dancer.

Who is the wealthiest supermodel?

With more than 1,000 magazine covers to her name, Cindy Crawford is the world’s wealthiest supermodel—but most of her $225 million fortune isn’t from posing. Crawford’s wealth is largely due to her 17-year-old skin-care line, Meaningful Beauty, a $400 million brand of which she owns 50%.

Where is Naomi Campbell House in Africa?

Moreover, when it is time to unplug fully, Campbell decamps to her villa in the tranquil seaside town of Malindi, Kenya. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, her idyllic retreat is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living.

Why does Naomi Campbell live in Russia?

Naomi Campbell is moving to Russia. The British supermodel – who currently has homes in New York and London – is said to be considering relocating to Moscow to spend more time with her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.