What Star Wars items are worth money?

What Star Wars items are worth money?

A Snaggletooth would be about #10 on this list:

  1. Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $185,000.
  2. Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000.
  3. Double Telescoping Darth Vader – $64,000.
  4. Vlix – $45,430.
  5. Boxed Vinyl Cape Jawa – $28,000. Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive.

Will Star Wars toys go up in value?

Despite the changing times old Star Wars toys still hold a valuable place in collectors’ hearts. Not only do they increase in value with rarity, condition, and age, but these toys have a legacy of their own. As one of the most sought-after action figures and merchandise, old Star Wars toys will never go out of value.

How much is an original Jawa worth?

Originally $2.49 in 1978, reportedly only six of the original Jawa with vinyl cape have been discovered and have been bought at prices ranging from $3,000 to $18,000 based on condition.

Most Valuable Star Wars Toys

  • Blue Snaggletooth (1977)
  • Sand People Figurine (1978)
  • Comic-Con VinTage Carbonite Chamber Action Figure Set (2012)
  • Ben Kenobi With Gray Hair (1978)
  • Ben Kenobi With White Hair (1978) (Tie)
  • Princess Leia (1978) (Tie)
  • Luke Skywalker (1978)
  • Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler (1978)

What is the rarest item in Star Wars?

Star Wars: The 10 Rarest Toys & How Much They Cost

  1. 1 Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $150,000.
  2. 2 Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000+
  3. 3 Double Telescoping Darth Vader – $64,000+
  4. 4 Vlix – $45,000+
  5. 5 Vinyl Cape Jawa $28,000+
  6. 6 Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker – $25,000+
  7. 7 FX-7 (Palitoy Tri-Logo) – $11,000+

Is Star Wars VinTage Collection worth collecting?

The Star Wars Vintage Collection figures are no exception with some commanding hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. Hugely popular, TVC has become highly collectable (especially after its return in 2018) and therefore the more rarer figures have become pretty expensive indeed.

Are Star Wars figures worth anything?

The average retail value for a common Star Wars action figure is $2 to $5. The average loose vintage figure is worth $10 to $20. Sealed Star Wars action figures produced between 1977 and 1985 are worth between $100 and $200, but some are worth up to $1,000, $10,000 or more.

How much is an original Millennium Falcon worth?

Other items in group

Name Current Price Type
Vintage Star Wars Millennium Falcon w Box Kenner 1979 $349.99 Buy it now
Star Wars Kenner 1979 Millennium Falcon With Original Box $400.00 Buy it now
Star Wars Vintage Millennium Falcon 1979 W Box And Kenner Action Figures WORKS $389.00 Buy it now

What is the most realistic lightsaber?

Ultra Sabers makes that dream come true with the most realistic lightsabers for sale on the market. When you grip a realistic lightsaber from Ultra Sabers, you instantly feel as though you’ve stepped into the Star Wars universe. Our sabers are customizable, collectible and crafted for both cosplay and combat arts.

How do I sell my Star Wars collection?

Best Places To Sell Star Wars Collectibles

  1. You Could Sell On eBay. When people think about selling their collectibles, they usually think about selling on eBay first.
  2. You Could Sell To A Local Store.
  3. You Could Sell To Another Collector Directly.
  4. You Could Sell To Neatstuff Collectibles.

How much is Jabba the Hutt worth?

The average price based upon the last 5 sold auctions is: $292.00 [High: $475.00/Low: $235.00]. The average Buy It Now price is $399.99 based upon 3 filtered active auctions out of 5 which includes AFA auctions….Jabba the Hutt.

Month Avg Sold Price Retail Price
Jan 1, 2022 362 $11.99

What is the best lightsaber color?

Star Wars: 12 Best Color Types Of Lightsabers

  • 5 White.
  • 6 Yellow.
  • 7 Purple.
  • 8 Brown.
  • 9 Red.
  • 10 Orange.
  • 11 Green.
  • 12 Blue. While this is the classic, go-to lightsaber color, it isn’t just the most common because it looks cool or because the first lightsaber ever seen in Star Wars is blue.