What simple words start with e?

What simple words start with e?

Some of the kindergarten E words for kids are elephant, eagle, elk, emu, earl, ease, eddy, etch, early, earth, enter, earth, embark, embody, egret, errand, endeavor, entire, entrance, etc.

What are big words that start with e?

Explore the Words

  • ebullient. joyously unrestrained.
  • eclectic. selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas.
  • edible. suitable for use as food.
  • edify. make understand.
  • efface. remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing.
  • effervescent. marked by high spirits or excitement.
  • effulgent. radiating or as if radiating light.
  • egalitarian.

What are good words that start with e?

Excellent Adjectives That Start With E

  • eager – pleasantly expectant.
  • earnest – honest and sincere.
  • easy-going – flexible, relaxed.
  • ebullient – bubbling with excitement.
  • effervescent – someone who’s enthusiastic and vivacious.
  • efficacious – capable of producing a desired effect.
  • elated – extremely happy.

What does E stand for kids?

Preschool: Things That Start With E

each ear
eel egg
eight eleven
elf elk
elm end

What is the best e word?

Positive E Words With More Than 7 Letters

Word Definition
ethereal (adj.) someone or something that is heavenly
euphoria (n.) extreme happiness
excellent (adj.) someone or something of high quality
exceptional (adj.) above average in quality or degree

What are cool words that start with e?

40 Excellent E-Words To Enlarge Your Vocabulary

  • EAGGLE-BAGGLE. An old Scots dialect word meaning “to argue” or “to thrash out a bargain.” Derived from a local pronunciation of argle-bargle.
  • EARNEST MONEY. The cash used to secure a deal or a bargain?