What is the syllabus for RMS exam?

What is the syllabus for RMS exam?

Section – I : Mathematics Natural Numbers LCM and HCF Fractions Unitary Method Average Percentage Profit and Loss Simple Interest Square Root Area and Perimeter Ratio and Proportion Lines and Angles Temperature Section – II : English English Grammar Vocabulary…

What is the syllabus of Rimc?

The syllabus of the RIMC Entrance Exam consist of test in the subject of English, Mathematics and General Knowledge.

What is the syllabus of RMS 2021?

We are giving here the complete details about RMS Common Entrance Test 2021 such as syllabus, exam pattern, previous year papers, model papers etc….Rashtriya Military School (RMS) CET Exam Pattern.

Subject Maximum Marks Passing %
English 50 35%
Mathematics 50 40%
General Knowledge and Current News 50 40%
Interview 20

What is the fee of RMS?

During present academic year i.e. 2020-2021 total fee on new admission is Rs. 1,05,698/- (Gen/Def) and Rs. 1,04,198/- (SC/ST) per annum is payable in advance or two half yearly instalments in June and October .

How do I apply for RMS?

How to Apply Online Rashtriya Military School Admission Form 2021 – rashtriyamilitaryschools.in

  1. Visit the official website – www.rashtriyamilitaryschools.in.
  2. Open the home page of the RMS Admission Form 2021.
  3. Click on the Download Application Form link.
  4. Now, Click on Apply Now & Register Link.

Is RIMC exam tough?

RIMC entrance exam is the examination through which the eligible students can get admission after the due procedure of selection in RIMC to study for military services. It is a tough exam that is why it needs string preparation with sufficient material and syllabus.

Is Sainik School entrance exam tough?

The Sainik School Entrance Exam is mostly taken by children from the 6th and 9th Grade. These admission tests can be tough, and might require a little bit of preparation, so that you can give your best. Preparation for the exam is vital, but doing it right is even more so.

Is Sainik School fee free?

No, Studying in sainik schools are not free. Based on the standards, infrastructure facilities, curricular, co-curricular activities and quality the schools are collecting fees for annum. Different schools are having different fee structure. The highest fee collecting school is kalikiri sainik school.