What is the meaning of de emphasized?

What is the meaning of de emphasized?

: to reduce in relative importance also : play down.

What is another word for de-emphasize?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for de-emphasize, like: minimize, understate, play down, tone down, soft-pedal, show, de-emphasise, destress, inputoutput, and non-semantic.

Is Emphasization a word?

A process or action of emphasizing.

Is it deemphasize or de-emphasize?

verb (used with object), de-em·pha·sized, de-em·pha·siz·ing. to place less emphasis upon; reduce in importance, size, scope, etc.: The university de-emphasized intercollegiate football.

What do you meant by de?

Definition of de- (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : do the opposite of deactivate. b : reverse of de-emphasis. 2a : remove (a specified thing) from delouse. b : remove from (a specified thing) dethrone.

What is the difference between pre-emphasis and de-emphasis?

Pre-emphasis works by boosting the high-frequency portion of the signal. This compensates for the high-frequency loss in the cable. De-emphasis works by cutting the low-frequency portion of the signal. This may be coupled with an increased transmit voltage.

What does it mean when someone emphasizes a text on iPhone?

You can use the exclamation point to emphasize a text for one of two reasons: to agree with said text, or to remind someone of a question that they have not answered.

What is the difference between emphasis and emphasize?

‘Emphasize’ and ’emphasise’ are different spellings of the same word. Both ’emphasize’ and ’emphasise’ are related to the word ’emphasis’, which is a noun. It should be noted that in regions where the verb form is spelled ’emphasize’, the noun is still spelled with a second s instead of a z.

How do you use de-emphasize in a sentence?

reduce the emphasis. (1) The recent trend is to de-emphasize the classical dichotomy. (2) But de-emphasizing the ban would enrage their natural allies among abortion foes. (3) They must somehow persuade Republicans to de-emphasize a constitutional ban in order to win allies outside of the antiabortion camp.

What is De example?

Examples: deactivate, decode, decommission, decompose, deconstruct, decontaminate, deflate, deflect, deform, demythologize, derail, detract.