What is the CPT code for a CT myelogram?

What is the CPT code for a CT myelogram?

The contrast injection portion of the procedure is typically done through the lumbar area, and reported with CPT code 62284 (Injection procedure for myelography and/or CT, spinal).

What is the correct CPT code for an ultrasound of the spinal canal?

Ultrasound: Spinal Canal CPT code 76800 (ultrasound, spinal canal and contents) is reimbursable for recipients 5 years of age or younger, for up to two procedures per calendar year for the same recipient, any provider.

What is the CPT code for spinal block?

Epidural injections are administered between the vertebral segments into the epidural space (the fluid-filled sac that surrounds the spinal cord). The CPT code assignments for a single epidural injection are 62310, cervical/thoracic region; or 62311, lumbar/sacral (caudal) region.

What does a CT myelogram show?

A CT myelogram is a two-part procedure performed to detect abnormalities including a tumor, herniated disc, arthritis, spinal narrowing and/or nerve impingement of the spinal canal.

What is the CPT code for CT guided biopsy?

CPT code 77012, Computed tomography guidance for needle placement (e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization device), radiological supervision and interpretation, became effective in January 2007, for the CT guidance.

What is the CPT code for ultrasound?

CPT Code Common Modifier(s) CPT Description
76705 -26 Ultrasound, abdominal, real time with image documentation; limited (eg, single organ, quadrant, follow-up)

What is the difference between CPT code 62270 and 62272?

Answer: As the descriptions indicate, 62270 is purely diagnostic and 62272 is therapeutic (i.e., used to decrease intrathecal pressure). A therapeutic spinal puncture differs from a diagnostic lumbar puncture.

What is the CPT code for pain management?

Pain Management – Trigger Point Injections – CPT codes 20552 and 20553.

What is the CPT code for supraclavicular block?

Networker. I use 64415. I researched this about a year ago and everything I read gave me 64415.