What is mi State police ichat?

What is mi State police ichat?

The Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) system will report all conviction or juvenile adjudication information in the MSP database that has not been suppressed by the courts. Out of state criminal history information requires direct contact with the state of conviction.

How much does Michigan ichat cost?

ICHAT OFFERS NO-FEE MICHIGAN STATE POLICE CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. If your government office or agency would like to screen employees and/or volunteers the State of Michigan offers a fee-waived service to do so.

Do you have to pay for ichat?

ICHAT OFFERS NO-FEE MICHIGAN CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND NON-PROFIT CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS. ICHAT is an easy way to access this information, and the fee is waived for government agencies screening employees and volunteers. To access ICHAT type www.michigan.gov/ichat in your browser.

What shows up on ichat?

There is a chronological list of cases for which the subject was fingerprinted and case information provided. Each case is divided into three segments: Arrest Segment – arrest date, law enforcement agency, police agency case number, and the most serious arrest charge.

Does Michigan ichat show warrants?

Suppressed records, warrant information, federal records, tribal records, and criminal histories from other states are not available through ICHAT.

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How accurate is ichat?

The article explained that the state suggested the background check industry use the Michigan State Police’s Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT), but that background screeners claimed ICHAT was less accurate than files from the court. “Michigan’s ICHAT is squarely on the unreliable list,” Standerwick said.