What is good about The Wizard of Oz?

What is good about The Wizard of Oz?

“The Wizard of Oz” has a wonderful surface of comedy and music, special effects and excitement, but we still watch it six decades later because its underlying story penetrates straight to the deepest insecurities of childhood, stirs them and then reassures them.

What happens in the end of The Wizard of Oz?

In the movie, Dorothy gets knocked out by a flying window during the cyclone scene. She eventually lands in Oz but by the movie’s end, she wakes up in her bed with her family surrounding her. This reassures the viewer that the whole ordeal was simply a dream. In the book, however, there is no dream.

How successful was The Wizard of Oz?

The film was considered a critical success and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, winning in two categories: Best Original Song for “Over the Rainbow” and Best Original Score by Stothart.

Was Dorothy really dreaming?

What is the basic plot of The Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz (Film) Summary. The Wizard of Oz opens with a spirited young girl named Dorothy living on a farm with her aunt and uncle, three farmhands, and her loyal dog, Toto. Dorothy and Toto’s connection is tested by a cranky and powerful neighbor, Miss Elvira Gulch, who wants to have the dog “destroyed” for biting her once.

Is the Wizard of Oz a good movie for kids?

An absolute masterpiece whose groundbreaking visuals and deft storytelling are still every bit as resonant, The Wizard of Oz is a must-see film for young and old. Read critic reviews When a tornado rips through Kansas, Dorothy (Judy Garland) and her dog, Toto, are whisked away in their house to the magical land of Oz.

How did Dorothy get to the Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz (1939) Dorothy Gale is swept away from a farm in Kansas to a magical land of Oz in a tornado and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the Wizard who can help her return home to Kansas and help her friends as well.

What does the Witch want in The Wizard of Oz?

In the middle of their journey, the Witch’s army of flying monkeys come and kidnap Dorothy and Toto, leaving the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow behind. At the Witch’s castle, the Witch wants Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Toto manages to escape from the castle and go to the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow to tell them about Dorothy’s whereabouts.