What is AWA membership?

What is AWA membership?

An AWA Advantage membership includes access to a variety of programs and discounts to help save you time and money, so you can focus on your business and family. Best of all, when these benefits are used together, the savings will add up fast.

Is affiliated workers association legit?

The Affiliated Workers Association (“AWA”) is a non-profit organization consisting of over 7,000 small business owners, self-employed individuals, independent contractors and entrepreneurs from across the nation. Since 2001, AWA has grown tremendously and continues to grow and serve its members.

How do I cancel my American workers insurance?

A. Yes, you may cancel your benefits at any time by contacting The American Worker at 1.855. 495.1192 even if you do not have a qualified life event. However, if you decide to cancel your coverage, all benefits in which you are enrolled will be terminated.

What is MEC plan?

Any insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement for having health coverage. To avoid the penalty for not having insurance for plans 2018 and earlier, you must be enrolled in a plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage (sometimes called “qualifying health coverage”).

Is PTO a fringe benefit?

In the vast majority of cases, fringe benefits like paid time off (PTO), compensation for unused, accrued vacation or sick days, and other benefits are not required. Rather, the employer provides these benefits to employees by choice.

How much do MEC plans cost?

As low as $133.75 per month employee-only coverage.

Is a MEC plan ACA compliant?

Standard MEC plans are ACA compliant and include coverage for wellness, preventative services, prescription discounts, and telehealth services. The highest-level MEC plans include the enhanced MEC plan benefits along with added coverage such as prescription coverage and low copays.