What happens if you romance Anders?

What happens if you romance Anders?

A romanced Anders will move into Hawke’s home, and in Act III, Hawke can give him a key to the underground tunnels that will allow him stealthy access to the house without alerting the templars.

How do you stop Anders romance?

You can avoid both rivalry gains and flirting by choosing the very first “End romance” option. Anders: friendship (+5) and you will not be in a romance with him.

How do you get Anders to like you?

Friendship. Friendship with Anders can generally be earned by siding with the mages or by being agreeable to him in conversation, or by directly confronting demons and blood mages.

Is Anders alive Dragon Age?

Note: This story takes place after the events of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and before Dragon Age II. Regardless of the events of Awakening, Anders becomes a Grey Warden, meets Justice and survives.

How do you sleep with Fenris in Dragon Age 2?

Then in Act 2 you:

  1. Do Fenris’ companion quest first.
  2. Sleep with him, when he says it won’t work agree with him and end things (this will PERMANENTLY end a romance with him, you can’t later dump Anders and then go back to Fenris).
  3. Do Anders’ companion quest and then sleep with him afterwards and confirm a romance.

What is Anders real name Dragon Age?

Anders (Dragon Age)

Anders as he appears in Dragon Age II.
First appearance Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (2010)
Voiced by Greg Ellis (Origins – Awakening) Adam Howden (Dragon Age II)
In-universe information

Why does fenris leave Hawke?

Break Up to Make Up — Fenris breaks up with Hawke following their night together, realizing he needs to work on himself before he should be in a relationship. Three years later they can get back together should Hawke have not moved on with another companion.