What happened to Eric Burdon and the Animals?

What happened to Eric Burdon and the Animals?

Director Michelangelo Antonioni wanted to use him as a musician in a club scene, but Burdon turned the role down because he had acted in films before in which he sang songs. He disbanded the Animals and went to California, where he met Jim Morrison and decided he wanted to go into acting.

Are any of the Animals still alive?

Several partial regroupings of the original-era members have occurred since then under various names. The Animals were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994….

The Animals
Origin Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Genres Rock R&B blues psychedelia
Years active 1963–1969 1975–1976 1983 1992–present

Who is the vocalist for the Animals?

Eric Burdon
Alan Price
The Animals/Singers

Blues, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll: Eric Burdon turns 75. The singer of “House of the Rising Sun” and founder of the band The Animals is considered one of the greatest white blues performer ever.

What happened to Alan Price from the Animals?

He is a self-taught musician, and was a founding member of the Tyneside group the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo, which was later renamed the Animals. After leaving the Animals, Price went on to have success with his own band the Alan Price Set and later with Georgie Fame.

Who is the lead singer of War?

Lonnie Jordan

Leroy Jordan
Instruments Vocals guitar piano keyboards synthesizer
Years active 1969–present
Labels MGM United Artists MCA Boardwalk
Associated acts War Eric Burdon Tanya Tucker T. Rex Los Lobos Bobby Womack

Did Eric Burdon use drugs?

Even before splitting the old Animals, Burdon had become an enthusiastic user of LSD but its use would be pivotal in shaping the music of his new psychedelic group, Eric Burdon & The Animals.