What goalkeepers use Reusch?

What goalkeepers use Reusch?

More than 220 Goalkeepers in the first national divisions all over the world trust in Reusch Goalkeeper Gloves.

  • Hugo Lloris. Team: Tottenham Hotspur / Premier League (ENG)
  • Samir Handanovič
  • Unai Simón.
  • Wojciech Szczęsny.
  • Agustín Marchesín.
  • Dominik Livaković
  • Pierluigi Gollini.
  • Jiří Pavlenka.

What is Reusch finger support?

Reusch Finger Support stays are flexible plastic spines that span the length of the fingers and thumb to help prevent hyperextension and other injuries. The reusch glove features an soft latex backhand. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible across the backhand.

Should goalkeeper gloves be tight?

Getting the fit right is extremely important, a correctly fitting glove means more comfort, more confidence and the most natural contact with the ball. A glove too tight can put greater stress on the materials and lead to premature wear or even splits, a glove too loose could cause an unnatural grip of the ball.

How do you wash goalkeeper gloves?

Wash the gloves with warm water (around 35º) after playing in order to eliminate dirt that decreases the grip properties of the gloves. Do not use aggressive solvents or harsh cleaners. Wash by hand and not in the washing machine. For a perfectly clean glove, additionally use special glove wash.

Where are Reusch gloves made?

Bolzano , Italy
Reusch is a worldwide operating manufacturer of sports equipment for football (mainly goalkeeper gloves) and winter sports….Reusch (company)

Industry Sporting goods
Headquarters Bolzano , Italy
Area served Worldwide
Key people Erich Weitzmann (CEO)
Products Goalkeeper gloves, winter gloves, sports equipment