What does SonicWall GMS do?

What does SonicWall GMS do?

The SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) provides organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers with a powerful and intuitive solution to centrally manage and rapidly deploy SonicWall firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery and secure remote access solutions.

What is SonicWall Universal management Suite?

SonicWall GMS is a Web-based application that can configure, manage, and monitor the status of thousands of SonicWall firewalls, Internet security appliances and. non-SonicWall appliances from a central location. SonicWall GMS provides the following benefits: • Centralized security and network management.

How do I enable GMS on SonicWall?

Log in to SonicWall management GUI.

  1. Navigate to Manage |System Setup |Appiance |Base Settings tab.
  2. Go to the Advanced Management, select Enable management using GMS and click Configure..
  3. Enter the host name or IP address of the GMS Console in the “GMS Host Name or IP Address” field.

What is SonicWall cloud management?

Description. SonicWall provides multiple options to manage a firewall e,g On-Box, On-Prem, and Cloud. This feature allows the Firewalls deployed across multiple different sites to be managed from a Centralized cloud-based portal.

How do I use SonicWALL Analytics?

To access On-Premises Analytics: 1 Log in to your Capture Security Center (CSC) portal with your MySonicWall username and password. 2 If you access Analytics through CSC-MA: a Log in with your MySonicWall credentials. b Choose a tenant or group. c Select the ANALYTICS tile.

What is GMS flow server?

In the Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS), the Flow Server role can be used in a distributed deployment of GMS. In this role, the GMS server runs a single service, which collects Dell SonicWALL Flows on the default ports.

How do I access SonicWALL management GUI?

Open an Internet browser and enter 192.168. 168.168 in the address bar. As this is the first time you are accessing the SonicWall UTM management interface, you will be presented with a wizard. You could follow the wizard to set a new admin password and other information.

What is GMS package?

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a collection of proprietary applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) services from Google that are typically pre-installed on Android devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. This license is provided by Google without any license fees.

What is zero touch in SonicWall?

Description. Zero Touch is designed to make the experience of adding a unit to Capture Security Center smooth and setting up for management and reporting easy.

How do I use SonicWall Analytics?

How do I access Sonicwall Analytics?