What does it mean when my Traxxas ESC blinking red?

What does it mean when my Traxxas ESC blinking red?

If the Low-Voltage Detection (LVD) is “ON” when a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery is used an ESC may show the over-voltage alarm, indicated by a flashing red and green light. When using a NiMH battery in your Traxxas vehicle, it is important that the LVD remains “OFF”.

Why is my Traxxas xl5 ESC blinking green?

Blinking Green: The speed control is indicating the transmitter Throttle Trim is incorrectly set.

Why did my ESC burn out?

Badly designed or over-rated ESCs are likely to catch fire. Also I think the reason for miniture ESCs like DYS SN20A and KISS 18A to catch fire so often is due to the tiny size, insufficient surface area will make heat dissipation slower, and they don’t even come with heat-sink.

Do RC receivers go bad?

#5 – Bad Receiver The receiver contains parts that have the most sophisticated connections in the entire RC car. One channel of the receiver can die, and that can affect the steering, throttle or other parts that refuse to operate.

What to do if your Traxxas XL-5 Radio is not working?

• Make sure the XL-5’s power cable is plugged into the throttle channel of the receiver (Channel 2). Check the operation of the radio system’s throttle channel with a servo. • Possible internal damage. Return the XL-5 to Traxxas for service. Motor and steering servo do not work:

How does the Traxxas XL-5 electronic speed control work?

Thank you for purchasing the Traxxas XL-5 electronic speed control. The XL-5 uses MOSFET transistors and microprocessor circuitry to deliver efficient, high-frequency operation. When combined with the large heat sinks and thermal shutdown protection, the XL-5 provides solid power and performance.

How do you install a Traxxas XL-5?

For installations without part #3625, the XL-5 can be installed in the chassis as shown in the photo with double-sided servo tape (Traxxas Rustler model shown). The screw bosses will need to be cut from the case with a pair of side cutters to allow the XL-5 to fit in the chassis side pod.

How do I contact battery motor XL-5 ESC support?

BATTERY Motor XL-5 ESC XL-5 Wiring Diagram www.TRAXXAS.com Traxxas, 1100 Klein Road, Plano, TX 75074, Phone: 972-265-8000, Fax: 972-265-8011, e-mail: [email protected] KC1033-R01 Rev 090803 Troubleshooting Guide This guide describes possible speed control problems, causes, and simple solutions. Check these items before contacting Traxxas.