Was the Il-62 A copy of the VC10?

Was the Il-62 A copy of the VC10?

Yet, the Il-62 is no VC10 copy, but a fascinating aeroplane whose story deserves to be better known. Vickers had honed the VC10 since the cancellation of the VC7/V1000 in 1955. In the early 60s USSR, the ‘VC10’ role was played by the Il-18 and An-10; later, it would be played by the Tu-154.

Can commercial airliners fly over North Korea?

Yes, commercial flights fly to North Korea from China all the time. In order to reach Pyongyang, they must pass through North Korean airspace. Aside from these cases though, commercial jets and passenger liners do not generally pass over North Korea at all.

What is the Ilyushin Il-62?

Ilyushin IL-62 Specs, Jet Engine, Cockpit, and Price – Ilyushin IL-62 is the first intercontinental intercontinental jet produced by the Russian Flight Complex Ilyushin. Over the years, it has become a mainstay of the Soviet civil air fleet.

What is the maximum takeoff weight of a Soviet IL-62?

The Il-62MK was announced in 1978. It features an increased max takeoff weight of 167,000kg (368,170lb) which allows a maximum of 195 passengers to be carried. Low rate production of the Il-62 ceased in 1994, although the type remains an important part of many former Soviet airlines’ fleets, including Aeroflot Russian International Airlines.

How many people can fit in a IL-62?

Max seating for 174 in Il-62M, 186 in Il-62 and 195 in Il-62MK at six abreast in two cabins. Alternative configurations include 114 at five abreast, or 85 first class passengers. Over 250 of all models built, of which over 75 were exported.

What is the maximum height of Il-62?

Ilyushin IL-62 can reach heights varying between 8,000 m and 12,000 m. It has a service ceiling of 13,000 m and a maximum durability of 35,000 hours. This aircraft weighs around 67,500 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 161,000 kg.