Is Wordshark any good?

Is Wordshark any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsBest dyslexia spelling help I have found, easy to use too! I bought this for my son (aged 9) who is dyslexic. The graphics are a bit basic, but it is easy to use and although expensive I think that it was worth the money.

What age is Wordshark for?

Wordshark is an indispensable literacy tool for home education, catering for an age range of 5 to 14. It is particularly well known for helping children with dyslexia, and can be adapted well to the learning needs of each child. Read more about using Wordshark for dyslexia and other special needs.

Is word shark free?

Wordshark Online is a new web-based service for schools that children will also be able to access, free of charge, at home. Wordshark Online is suitable for devices such as iPads and most tablets as well as PCs and Mac computers.

How to play word shark?

The fun begins when each player chooses a Word Shark mat. Player 1 draws a consonant tile from the pile and tries to add it to a word ending on his or her mat to make a word. If the letter cannot be used to spell a word, it is returned to the pile. Then the next player draws a tile and tries to make a word.

What is Wordshark used for?

Wordshark has been designed to help students with dyslexia. It includes carefully thought-through games, structured lists, and a phonic approach. It provides the ‘overlearning’ that is often needed.

What is Nessy reading and spelling?

Nessy Reading and Spelling is an effective resource that covers 5 years of literacy development from Year 1 to Year 6. Nessy Reading and Spelling was developed at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre by a team of specialists. The program has been used successfully since 1999, by 100,000s of children worldwide.

What does word shark do?

Wordshark provides a fun and effective games-based solution for students learning to spell and read. The program is especially effective in helping students with special educational needs including dyslexia.

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What is Nessie dyslexia?

Who is Nessy? You’ve found Nessy, world leader in helping children who learn differently to read, spell and write. Founded and run by educators and dyslexia specialists, our award winning programs are guided by the Science of Reading. is the most popular website in the world for dyslexia information.

Is touch typing good for dyslexia?

Additionally, dyslexics who have had training in touch typing can reinforce phonics knowledge, use muscle memory to learn word spellings, and facilitate the translation of ideas into written language. This renders the writing process less frustrating and makes composing written work more fluid and effective.

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What makes wordshark so special?

The variety of games, content, plus options to tailor the program make it highly versatile. The 10,000 words in Wordshark are grouped into easy-to-use, structured courses. You can also customise Wordshark by adding your own lists. Learning is more effective when it’s fun!

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How many words are in wordshark?

The 10,000 words in Wordshark are grouped into easy-to-use, structured courses. You can also customise Wordshark by adding your own lists. Learning is more effective when it’s fun!

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