Is Lava The Purgatory good?

Is Lava The Purgatory good?

Gaining better Skills and a much better Talent certainly makes Lava the Purgatory markedly stronger than her 3* version. However, she still suffers from the usual downsides of an AoE Caster: slow ASPD and high DP cost (a cost that is quite a bit higher than her 3* version).

Is Lava The Purgatory limited?

New Limited Operator Dusk can ONLY be obtained from “Limited Headhunting: Festival”. Operator Lava the Purgatory is currently ONLY available to be obtained from event Who Is Real.

Who is lava the purgatory?

Purgatory (Lava Alter) is a 5★ AoE Caster and the first of our Operator Alters! She has increased SP on her first deployment, and increases the Initial SP of allied Casters. She can increase her attack range and hit multiple targets, or create a massive area firewall effect around herself and an ally!

Is Lava an AoE Caster?

The textbook example of an AoE Caster, Lava’s wide-range Arts attacks are perfect for burning through groups of weak enemies that would otherwise overwhelm your Operators by sheer force of numbers.

Who is W Arknights?

Operator Description W, Sarkaz mercenary, is the single most dangerous signal on the battlefield.

Who Amiya Arknights?

The de facto protagonist of the Arknights storyline and the player’s most stalwart assistant. For a free unit who is handed to you at the start of the game, Amiya is a surprisingly good 5★ Caster. In fact, she’s one of the better single-target DPS Casters in Arknights.

Is WA cockroach?

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Is W Arknights a cockroach?

“Cockroach” for W, due to her two strands of Idiot Hair that part to either side of her bangs that look like the antennas of a roach. Also “Double”, as the alternative way of pronounciation in Japanese, for reference, the certain kamen rider also called that way.

Is Amiya worth E2?

Skill Discussion Amiya is a fairly good ST caster (considering she’s free) and needs to be E2 already to progress in the story. Given that, S2M1 is a quite valuable breakpoint, but anything else is a luxury. There’s valid arguments to be made for all three skills, however I tend to favor S2 for its damage output.

Is Amiya Sarkaz?

Amiya, formerly a Cautus girl under Babel’s care, inherited Theresa’s Sarkaz King powers prior to her death via unknown methods, effectively making Amiya a new Sarkaz King and Theresa’s successor.

What does cockroach poop look like?

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Why is Dima called Elysium?

“Dimas” for Elysium, due to a moment from the Indonesian fanbase when someone answered a “who’s your favorite operator?” question with Dimas instead of Elysium, and how a lot of handsome Indonesian actors are named Dimas.